WWE Fantasy League

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aaron, May 20, 2013.

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    WWE Fantasy League

    I've got a formula for working out a weekly score for each wrestler based on performances, results and a couple of other factors. I thought it would be fun for 10 people to enter a fantasy league from the below wrestlers.

    Will work on a similar level to fantasy football, however it's not purely based on wins/losses, I've got a source for a few different statistics that I'll add together to get a weekly score.

    Week One Results

    Week ones results are purely based on last nights RAW, and some secret factors to make it no so predictable for you all. It's based on the whole wrestler not just the event, so does include the day to day coverage of the wrestler (little hint).

    Next week the teams with lower scores can probably do better as it will include not only RAW but also Smackdown, bear in mind some wrestlers didn't appear at all hence the lower scores.

    Week Two Results


    Season One: (Start Date 21st May 2013, End Date June 18th 2013)

    If you are interested in entering season two and are not currently involved, post your name in the thread and I'll add you to the list of users to replace the two relegated teams at the end of the season.

    Teams (open)


    (Alex Simms) 1. Team Simms John Cena (50), Sheamus (30), The Miz (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (MrSackfist) 2. Team SACKFEST Dean Ambrose (50), Randy Orton (30), Kofi Kingston (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (Crayo) 3. Team Craygina Dean Ambrose (50), Mark Henry (30), Kaitlyn (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (FailFaceFTW) 4. Team FailFace John Cena (50), Shaemus (30), The Miz (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (Adam568) 5. Team Justice Hounds Dolph Ziggler (50), Shaemus (30), The Miz (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (NanoRah14) 6. Team #USAlogic Dolph Ziggler (50), Big E (30), R-Truth (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (Lingstar) 7.Team Lingstars Dolph Ziggler (50), Daniel Bryan (30), Kaitlyn (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (Dat Kid) 8.Team Spray Tan Dolph Ziggler (50), Shaemus (30), Kaitlyn (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (Fullofit) 9.Team Switchblade John Cena (50), Fandango (30), Kaitlyn (20). (Total: 100 Points)
    (Rodrigo) 10.Team Spanish Society John Cena (50), Mark Henry (30) Shaemus (30), The Miz(20). (Total: 100 Points)

    The Rules (open)

    • Select three wrestlers up to the maximum value of 100 points, you have to choose three wrestlers but can spend less than 100 credits.
    • The league will run once we get 10 entrants up to the RAW event after Payback on June 17th.
    • A weekly league table will be posted the day after RAW with a combined score from all your wrestlers added together.
    • If there are more than ten people interested, on June 17th the two lowest in the league will be relegated and have to join the queue to enter again.
    • Prizes will be decided over the next week or two, but will be some sort of cash prize/game voucher or something similar.
    • If you want to enter, post your three wrestlers below with a "team name" and I'll get the league table together.
    • You can make a substitution once a week a maximum of three times, so if you think someone is going to score well over the week it's worth a chance, this can still only be to a max total of 100 points.

    Wrestler List (open)

    50 Point Wrestlers
    John Cena
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler
    Alberto Del Reyo

    30 Points
    Big Show
    Daniel Bryan
    Triple H
    Randy Orton
    Big E Langston
    Chris Jericho
    Jack Swagger
    Mark Henry
    Cody Rhodes

    20 Points
    Kofi Kingston
    The Miz
  2. We used to do that on MP, only in a different version.
  3. Team Simms: John Cena, Sheamus, The Miz
  4. Ok..I don't know what MP is :emoji_slight_smile:, I'll keep it well updated, should be fun. Just added another rule about substitutions!
  5. Team SACKFEST!! Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Kingston
  6. Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, Kaitlyn

    Team Craygina
  8. MrSackfist and a team name, oh by the way for others entering you can pick the same wrestlers as others, however to win you may need to pick others!

    Off to bed so will update tomorrow!
  9. Aaron
    Team FailFace: John Cena, Sheamus, The Miz
  10. Ah dude, I could have had Crayo on his knees and taken him for a lot. A few millions of forum cash, maybe an award or two would have been the limit Crayo would have paid to get Ambrose
  11. Ziggler, Sheamus and Miz.
  12. Need a team name adam :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Team Justice Hounds
  14. Teams updated, five more slots available before we get going.
  15. Team #USAlogic: Ziggler/Big E/Truth
  16. If there's space...can I take Ziggler, Bryan and Kaitlyn under the name Team Lingstars?
  17. Yah thats fine mate, three spots left.
  18. Thank you!
  19. What about my team? Can I take part?
  20. Yeah mate. Sorry on mobile so typing less. Will update the thread in the morning, will hopefully have a full league by then!
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