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    Note : this post will update after ppv

    First Show : ECW One Night Mercy

    Main Event - John Cena VS Ric Flair

    More updates soon
  2. what happened to rule 3? one thread per main page? there's now 3 threads of yours on one main page
  3. dont worry caw is war is still going
  4. that doesn't answer my question at all.....
  5. well that is only for iwt
  6. Sooo in 2 months, you're doing this show?
  7. Well we do have quifiers match
  8. Oh? And what qualifying matches are these?
  9. And qualifiers for what exactly?
  10. Well we will have a show on caw is war to see who will go and play a match at the ppv
  11. Then why two threads?
    Just to take more space?
  12. Well this thread is for ppv only caw is war is something else
  13. Better question. Why make a thread just for PPVs?
    It'll make it difficult for the readers to understand what's going on
  14. First match is a LADDER MATCH

    John Cena VS Swarn Michaels

    Second Matxh is a tournaments match


    Who ever makes the semi finals will have a match a the ppv

    Also you can vote on who you want see in the ppv in june

  15. Is there a reason that you have many projects running? None of these are thought out and you open a new one before you can even get another show out. You write in short, incoherent sentence fragments often, and your shows are a list of results.

    You need to focus your energy on one project that you can actually put the effort into, because you are just clogging up this section with nonsense. I'd like to spend my time looking at threads that people have put hard work into.
  16. So you said i dont make good btb well tna vs wcw
  17. We are moving the dates to this saturday get ready for live wcw shows

    Pre show starts 3pm gmt
    Live show starts 5pm gmt

    On twitch
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Poor Goldbrug
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  20. :facepalm2:
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