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  1. Ok so this is spin off to my ppv shows and i can tell you my shows

    Monday - WCW Monday Nitro
    Tuesday - TNA Short Pain
    Wednesday - WWE RAW
    Thursday - WCW Smackdown
    Friday - TNA Impact Wrestling
    Saturday - WWE Heat
    Sunday - PPV's

    This will be the last btb thread i will make

    So if you are annoyed apply i will happy wont give one☺

    So i hope you enjoy this and get ready for a huge univerce
  2. You're gonna be doing a show a day for the entire week?
  3. Yes
  4. Cool to see your doing these. But you really should save up and buy proper recording equipment.
  5. ok mate but tomorrow night tna short pain
  6. Just watched that show. That arena is horrendous. Any reason why What Culture Pro Wrestling's logo is all over the barricade?
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  7. well you know how wwe advertise ppv a week before it thats what i did for wcpw which is tomight
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  9. I think he means he is going to advertise for the WCPW's first show that's gonna be in the next couple of days. Forgot the exact date.
  10. no, he doesn't though. He said WCPW was tonight (or tomight) instead!
  11. Ok so you did not like the flaws so i am doing all the shows in one video so tune in for that
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