Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Mar 10, 2018.

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    + I think Becky & Naomi will win...simply because Becky hasn't had a win on pay per view
    for over a Carmella may do the walk out on Natalya.

    + Nakamura has to much as I'd honestly rather see Rusev win...

    + Charlotte win retain...but I'm hoping the match is solid. I'm a big fan of both ladies.
    Asuka may show up during to take out Sarah & Liv & then actually challenge the Queen
    at Wrestlemania...even though it will make her look like a fucking moron in doing so.
    If only WWE hadn't booked her to have defeated Alexa Bliss already. Why did they even
    book that match? It made Alexa look weak as a champion & as a worker.

    + I'm going to say the Usos will retain via DQ...Harper & Rowan will most likely show up
    with their dinky hammers & cause a DQ, setting up a 3 way tornado tag match for Mania.

    + Same with Orton winning by DQ...I'm guessing the Viper Slayer Jinder will get involved
    setting up a triple threat at Mania.

    + Styles has to retain surely...the WWE wouldn't dare fuck this up. Would they? Oh...& the
    Undertaker can show up if he wants...I don't really care. He should be retired.

    ~ I'm counting Asuka as a surprise...does she count if she shows up @Solidus ?
    ~ I voted for Zayn...but it will most likely be Zayn or Ziggler...
    ~ No title changes because Wrestlemania is close enough to spit on...
    ~ And I'm going for just over 30 minutes for the main event...
  3. I think Carmella is going to cash in her briefcase. But my Gawd she shouldn't win the title off Charlotte.
  4. It would be a complete swerve if Carmella did successfully cash in...
    especially on Charlotte...but I doubt the WWE will pass up Charlotte
    vs. Asuka for Wrestlemania.

    Although if Charlotte retains only to be attacked by the Riott Squad
    after the match...and Becky & Naomi decide not to help her out...
    it would be the perfect opportunity for Carmella.

    Of course the way Carmella has been booked...she'll probably end
    up failing her cash in & will forever be branded a Moron by me.

    If I had to make a guess...Carmella will cash in at Wrestlemania on
    the Bliss/Jax match...meaning when Asuka moves to SmackDown
    as the new champion after defeating Charlotte...Carmella will move
    to RAW as their new champion the next night possibly holding the
    belt until they are ready to put it on Ronda.

    It would act as a "high drama" & "forced" 1 on 1 trade...Asuka for Carmella.
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  5. Yeah it has become apparent that its going to be Asuka v Charlotte. I don't know why Asuka would choose to face Charlotte. Maybe because Charlotte is the 'Queen' and Asuka is the 'Empress of tomorrow'.

    I didn't know that Carmella MITB contract is eligible for the Raw woman's title. WWE does make up shit as they go along though. A common theme I have heard on the internet is Charlotte defeats Ruby, but the Riott squad beat her down afterward. This leads to Carmella cashing in her briefcase. Then outta nowhere Asuka comes in and saves Charlotte and finally reveals her choice
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  6. It would have made some sense if Asuka hadn't already defeated Bliss 1 on 1...
    but they booked that match & had Asuka go over clean...meaning Asuka will not
    only challenge a woman she has never faced before...but also a woman who is
    far more physically dominant than Alexa Bliss could ever be due to sheer height
    & size.

    It fucking bugs me because from my perspective it makes Asuka look like a moron.

    Why wouldn't she challenge the woman she's already defeated 1 on 1 in a clean fight?


    I'm not sure it is...

    That they do...

    I was thinking it would make more sense if Asuka showed up during the match
    & took out Liv & Sarah allowing Charlotte to get the win...but either way is fine.

    Asuka stopping Carmella's cash in attempt would also be long as Carmella
    doesn't actually lose the MitB contract Baron Corbin style. There would be no coming
    back from that for her in my opinion.

    Of course in would be so much more exciting if Becky had the briefcase...
    I can only imagine Becky cashing in on Charlotte...that would be sweet.

    Of course knowing the WWE Charlotte will win cleanly at Fastlane only for Asuka to
    show up on Tuesday & boringly challenge her that way...because fuck making your
    pay per views special.
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  7. Yeah that is mind boggling. I think they did that to set up a title match between Bliss and Asuka before the Rumble. So Ronda could win the rumble without breaking Asuka's streak. Clearly they changed their mind. Now we are this crummy situation.

    Yeah I agree. If I was in the directors chair I would have done Becky v Charlotte. Sure Asuka v Charlotte is sure to be great. But why does it need to be rushed for next month? Well we know why. They want to do Alexa v Jax.
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  8. Time to reclaim my... forum cash! lmao
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  9. Pretty much...although knowing the WWE...they probably think we don't remember
    Asuka defeating Alexa...I mean I do because of the horrible selling Alexa did in the
    match...but maybe no one else but you & I care R.B?

    Oh! I want to sit in the directors chair!

    So...on RAW I would have had Sasha win the Elimination Chamber
    & fight Asuka at Wrestlemania...with Sasha FINALLY turning full heel
    cheating to retain the title (which she's never done) & break Asuka's

    Yes...I'd have Heel Sasha be the 1st one to defeat Asuka...because
    dammit the woman deserves it after all the shitty booking she's been
    through while making everyone else look good.

    On SmackDown...I would have gone with Charlotte vs. Becky...with
    Carmella attempting to cash in, turning it into a triple threat match
    which allows Becky to turn heel by using a weapon on both Charlotte
    & Carmella, submitting Carmella & claiming the title.

    Yes...I'd book a failed cash in...because frankly Carmella is not ready
    & won't be until they start letting her win a few matches.

    Then I would place all of the other women (including Carmella) in a
    Battle Royal which I would have Ruby Riott win.


    Wait...what were we talking about? Oh should be
    okay...I'm looking forward to it more than the Elimination Chamber...
    which I still haven't watched.
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  10. I guess so.
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  11. Wow!!! I finally won one of these. :emoji_slight_smile: Much appreciation!!!!
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  12. so close yet again
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  13. Well you do now...

    Winner WInner...

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  14. I don't even remember what my predictions were lol... I haven't been here for a long time & b4 that wasn't on in a long time.
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  15. Well perhaps you should visit more often?