WWE Films Presents: Leprechaun: Origins

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/WWE/article10024268.shtml

    As we all feared, the lead role goes to Hornswoggle...
  2. Read this last night and and thought I was just too tired that I imagined it. But oh god no ti's true and in the light of day that makes it seem even worse if I'm honest.

    Not only can they not run the wrestling side of things they also have no creativity and bad ideas when it comes to films too nice on WWE.
  3. For once.... We agree
  4. Still better than The Chaperone.
  5. WWE Studios continues to shovel more and more dirt on it's own grave. I'll be glad when this shit ass experiment comes to a close.
  6. They lost a lot of money doing it so I'm unsure why they're continuing :S.
  7. IMO it has to do with Vince trying to expand further into 'Entertainment' and separate himself from wresting, which of course is asinine. Also it provides exposure for both WWE to people who probably don't watch wrestling, and also gives exposure to whatever wrestler they use to 'act' in the films.

    It just pisses me off that Vince is so money oriented and all about the bottom line until it comes to WWE Studios in which case he ignores it and tortures everyone with this god awful 'movies'
  8. lol.. LEPRECHAUN!!
  9. You're right, that is the motive behind the god awful movies, but they aren't making him any money, normally he would have stopped by now. He lost a lot because of WWE studios last year, and his solution to fix it is release a movie about leprechauns?

    Does anyone else think Vince has actually lost the plot completely?
  10. Vince McMahon has lost his mind completely.
  11. He's desperate to be seen as anything other than a wrestling show, I'm not sure if he's lost the plot or cries out for mainstream media acceptance so much that he's willing to sacrifice everything for it.
  12. If they would only think about a movie where CM Punk has the lead role instead of some stupid Leperchaun movie which will turn out as a big loss for Vince sooner or later, atleast we do know that when it comes to movies WWE sucks.
  13. CM Punk is good in WWE but who's to say he'll be a good actor? He hasn't got the look of a tough guy... I don't personally think he has the facial expressions for anything else. I would worry for his legacy if he went into movies - which is something he actually wants to do.
  14. I could imagine Punk in a cheesy martial arts film, like Steven Segal.
  15. Kung fu hustle the remake!
  16. I would definitely take the chance and do it if I felt that my years as a Professional Wrestler are slowly sinking down the drain.

    I mean he doesn't want to be a Mechanic or a Teacher and he has also explained that in his interviews, he loves entertainment and I definitely believe that he will be great at acting.

    Ofcourse he looks tough dude? Remember the segments between him and Cena last year? The one which is classified as the "best" where he sits down next to the main screen and cuts the best promo while Cena is hurt in the ring?

    He also said that the end of his career may be somewhere around his late 30's.

    Seriously he could make a perfect movie-star.
  17. Hell why stop at movie star? I think CM Punk should run for president!
  18. Why stop there? Emperor of the universe it is.
  19. If anyone could do it, Punk could! Remember that shoot promo? Sheeeeeeeeeeee, he da best.
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