News WWE fires longtime executive

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 10, 2015.

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  2. I wonder if it'll make any difference in the product. Guess not. Well, hopefully she finds success in her future endeavors and whatnot
  3. I'm just curious as to why she got fired. Ok sure she still had no control
    Over creative. That's really triple h and Vince in the end.
  4. Best of luck in your future endeavours, Lisa :bodallas:
  5. Oh shit, some bitch I can't ever remember hearing of before now just lost her job! BREAKING NEWS!
  6. "Reported directly to Vince McMahon"

    Why was she fired?
    "Maybe we should take the title off Cena as he isn't the face anymore" :sad2::kiss:

    :ohyeah:YOU'RE FIRED!!!
  7. Apparently she was fired because of laziness. Once she got her latest promotion she "stopped clocking in"
  8. Did she miss the brass ring?

  9. NWA president Bruce Tharpe threw a small barb at this situation on twitter. Joking that she got fired because she failed to secure a tape library for the network that instead went to the NWA's new on demand service. But that could just be him blowing smoke for all we know.
  10. The NWA Has a new video on demand service?

    How did I miss this story?

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