WWE forgetting the 90's

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. WWE trying to hide the 90's :dawg:

  2. This is going to be fun :lol1:
  3. We should tweet edgy stuff to her opponent :emoji_grin:
  4. :lol1: I bet Vince didn't think his wife was running for senate when he was getting his ass kicked by WCW.
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  5. Damn.. In a few years the TV-14 stuff will be unknown according to WWE.
  6. When Linda runs again the AE will be like Benoit nowadays.
  7. :dawg:
  8. Fucking pathetic.
  9. Agreed, just another thing that's gonna' piss us off really.
  10. This was beautiful.

    But yeah, apparently they're doing whatever they can to change the history of WWE, but they have an easy out. "We've always wanted to produce quality, family-friendly TV, but we had to make the tough decision to keep our company alive, just like America needs those tough decisions being made right now" or some other political crap like that.

    Damn, they are going HARD on Youtube too! Was just looking for video on there of the controversial AE stuff just to throw it in her face, and almost all of it is down.
  11. :haha: :lol1: So are they gonna stop selling WWE 13 too? Or are they going to take the WWE logo off of it, or are they going to say it's a video game and it's all Final Fantasy, or maybe it's just Stone Cold history. Legend of StoneCold: Austin 3:16 :dawg:
  12. this is a joke its getting increasingly hard to remain a fan
  13. Haha, I guess we've just got to "Roll with it" until it all blows over. :dawg:
  14. If.

    If Linda loses, she'll run again in 2014 (believe there's an opening then), until they just give up.

  15. I know, If she loses this time. You would think she would give up anyway. How much Money will they be losing exactly? :dawg:
  16. Posting this for fun. This was taken off WWE.com, taken off Youtube, but they didn't rip it away from Dailymotion.



    Regality and The GOAT Farooq will love this too.
  17. Me and Farooq said :damn: at the same time too :true: and I don't think stuff gets removed from Dailymotion. It has adult uncensored videos also, and people who get stuff removed from Youtube upload it to there, so I'm sure nothing gets removed by copyrights.
  18. that slap looks so pathetic. every move Linda did or had done on her looked horrible
  19. I think everything is just dumb.
  20. It's not going to affect my views on the WWE product or my nature of being a fan like it seems to be for some but it is a poor decision IMO, you can't disregard history.
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