WWE Forums Appreciation Thread-The Home Of Trolling

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Centipede Hz, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Since I joined this forum early 2012 it has gone from strength to strength. While I may not be a prolific poster by any means I do like to come back here repeatedly and take part in the festivities. Been here since the Briscoes(Almost since day one!)

    As time has gone on great posters have come and gone along with the more wacky ones. Had some great moments on here and like to think we conduct ourselves well.

    I remember when Crayo uttered the line "I don't like Bacon":blackshock:
    I remember the ill fated watch wrestling parties( looking at you flopspot):aries:

    I remember when Tgmiveld first when down the boozer for fanny from our quality British Lasses.:adr:

    What are some of your best moments here my fellow comrades?:pity2:
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  2. I honestly don't see much trolling here which is a good thing. Some trolling is fun but over trolling just puts me off.
  3. we mostly have good posters here but we have had them like any forum, just a way of life, was joking with the home of trolling thing.
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  4. So you were.... "trolling"? :smug:
  5. I got a life time ban from wrestlingforum.com for posting this picture and saying it looks like Sasha Banks. So I definitely appreciate this forum.

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  6. inb4 banned from this forum as well. :lol1:
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  7. Well... I guess they don't like honesty there. lolol
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  8. It's a shame the product is shit right now TBH, I think it's at least 60% of the reason the forums aren't as active. This place is great, the mods are solid and the admins are decent....A lot of people left but that also includes a lot of the garbage as well, and it's been solid. If the product were to become watchable outside of PPV's, i'm positive this place would be substantially more traffic'd.
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  9. That forum is so petty. You can do and say pretty much anything here.
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  10. Why does wrestlingforum have so many TNA fans there? Meanwhile here we don't have many...

    I need more TNA brothers to fap over EC3 with--- I mean uhh... NO REGRETS :henry2:
  11. Cause TNA is the same repetitive bullshit which has no direction.
  12. A few months back I was gimmick posting as Denzel Crocker on WF. Got banned 4 lyfe.

    Had no real intentions of being active there. Enjoyed the 36 hours I was alive.
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  13. I am sure it will pick back up eventually. WWE goes through dry periods. They had one like 7 or so years ago. I am sure they know people are losing interest if places like this are losing activity.
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