WWE Forums Classics Vault #1 [Nominations]

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Today I'm going to introduce the very first WWEForums Classics Vault!

    The Classics Vault are for matches nominated and voted on by us to be deemed our classic and best matches. Every week matches will be nominated and voted on, the winners will be put in the YT channel WFClassicsVault for historic storage.

    In this thread everyone gets to nominate a match they believe is worthy, don't waste it as you only get one!

    The top five nominated matches will go onto the voting phase in the next thread, whoever has the most amount of voters wins and the match will be put into the WWE Forums Classics Vault!

    The nominations phase will go on for a day, the voting will go on for two. If anyone has any suggestions on the times please go ahead.

    Please remember when nominating to pick a specific match, not just a series of matches. I'm uploading the match to YT, so it has to be specific.

    Oh and, don't simply say the match you want nominated. Give a reason for it ^^​
  2. Stuck :emoji_slight_smile:

    I vote for any Lesnar vs Angle match.
  3. I agree with Crayo.

    Also have CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan from Raw or Ring of Honor if possible.
  4. Vote for a specific one? I'll be uploading the match onto the YT channel ^^ @[Crayo]
  5. I honestly don't mind. Any. Lol.
  6. Same here, what was your favorite bout? I'm uploading the match to Youtube remember, so it has to be specific ^^ @[Thewindyfan]


    God damn you! :upset:


    @[Crayo] My favorite is their Iron Man match, is that okay with you?
  7. The Ring of Honor when I think it was in a red ring and CM Punk was blonde then I think.
  8. My favourite as well if that helps you decision.

    Michaels/Angle WM 21, amazing match I have rewatched so many times!


    Am I allowed to nominate a second? If so Eddie vs Brock
  9. Rock vs Angle vs Taker.
  10. Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a Cell.
  11. Yeah Leo the iron man match is fine :emoji_grin:
  12. An hour till' I end the nominations, if you want to nominate more gogogogo.

    I'll add everyones nomination to the pole. The next week however only 5 will go. This is really just a trial period ^^
  13. Can we have WCW? If so Eddie vs Rey from Halloween Havoc, probably the best work from both men.

    If not then give me Benoit Vs. Jericho ladder match at the RR 2001 (I think it was then )
  14. I've accepted ROH in, so I'll let WCW in :3

    If this changes your mind, you can change your nomination.
  15. Eddie Vs Rey halloween Havoc 97 is my choice then =).
  16. Nominations are over now. The voting thread will begin shortly ^^
  17. Unstuck and closed will stick the nomination one.
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