WWE Forums End of Year Awards 2016 VOTING

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    Yep, it's that time of year again! Click the image above to vote for members in each category.
    This isn't serious and no actual awards are given, except for the "Hall of Famer". This is just for fun!
    Voting closes January 1st.
  2. Hall of famer is messed up with poster of the year. It has options of 10 members. no way am i voting @Roadster that toolbox.
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  3. That's as intended.
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  5. fuck you @Solidus bitchboy motherFCUKER
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  6. There should be an award for most degenerate gambler and it should automatically go to me every year :jbl:
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  7. Never had a option before, could choose who you want. maybe I am wrong but slightly strange way of doing it but ok
  8. We have a special voting option for staff only on who to ban next. I am hovering over a four letter word that starts with "i".
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  9. @Ifat

    You going to get it
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  10. [​IMG]

    The Mod team selected mostly The Mod Team as candidates for member of the year...

    What a bunch of fucking MARKS!
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  11. That was all my doing. They are all deserving anyway.
  12. You a fucking MARK mate?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I know you?
  15. Massive fan of the @Indy pre-fill.

    Love you, Indy
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  16. Just be glad I didn't set it up or you would be voting for nothing but cats! :mad2:
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  17. Indy was born to win that category. To not vote him would be to cheat fate.
  18. I publicly change my vote for Jobber of the Year back to Indy. FUCK that guy.

    (rt change my vote to Indy I can't)
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  19. Done.

    @Roadster can't vote for yourself as hall of famer...
  20. Put that boy in the Hall of Shame. The fooking cheek of him.
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