WWE Forums FIFA Club Selection Draft: Take 2

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 9, 2013.

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  2. I want Dortmund and if Xanth takes them I'll have Madrid.
  3. Sounds good. 99% sure Xanth is taking Real anyway.
  4. Taking City.
  5. 1.) Xanth- Machester City
    2.) Zach- Dortmund
    3.) Affected Viper- Real Madrid
    4.) Jonathan
  6. Jonathan is most likely going to choose PSG
  7. Why is AffectedViper's brother ahead of Sean (LeBlond)?
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  8. Affected Viper was talking shit about how great his brother was.
  9. I pick Manchester United.
  10. Lol so? We can vouch for how good LeBlond is dude.
  11. Why am I tenth? :downer:

    I did awful in the tournament.
  12. We all know how good you are.

    I'll change Leblond & Affected Viper's brother around.
  13. Who's it up to atm?
  14. RoyalRaven
  15. He's not great. He's just better than me.
  16. I've asked him. Just waiting for a reply.
  17. I'm picking Leicester City, sorry for the late reply, was at work.
  18. He told me he's being spurs, cause he whopped me with them :lol1: