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  1. The Teams:
    R Albin
    Walter Jr
    Aids Johnson

    League Format:

    We will have a double round robin schedule, meaning every club will compete in 22 matches during the season. The season standings will be used to help determine seeding for the two postseason cups.

    Playoff Cup

    The Playoff Cup will consist of the top 8 teams in the league competing for bragging rights after the season concludes. It will be formatted as follows:

    The first round of 8 will consist of the 1 seed vs the 8 seed, the 2 seed vs the 7 seed, the 3 seed vs the 6 seed and the 4 seed vs the 5 seed. The first round of matches will be decided in a best-of-3 format, with the higher seed hosting games 1 and a potential game 3. Game 2 will be hosted by the lower seed. Any draw in round 1 will be replayed until there is a winner.

    The semi-finals will be a two-legged events scored on aggregate, with away goals being the tie breaker. Since we won't have extra time, if teams are even after two matches (on aggregate and away goals) another game will be played, on the higher seeds home field.

    The finals will be a single match played on the higher seeded teams field. Again, since we have no extra time, if a game is tied after 90 minutes in the final, you are to start a new game, but play it under 'golden goal' rules. The first player to score in the tie breaker match wins, and you can end the game as soon as it is scored (please make sure to note the minute in which the match ended).

    This will make a cup final feel unique to the rest of the season.

    #1 Pick Cup

    The #1 Pick cup's name does a good job of explaining it's function: To determine the player who gets the first choice of club for season 2. The bottom 4 teams who do not qualify for the Playoff Cup will be put into the #1 Pick Cup.

    The #1 pick cup will work like any group stage works in a major tournament. Meaning all 4 teams will play 6 games; one at home against each team and one on the road against each team.

    The team to finish this 6 game round robin stage with the most points will be awarded the #1 pick for season 2. If there is a tie at the top of the table following the cup, there will be a one game playoff. GOAL DIFFERENTIAL WILL NOT BE USED AS A TIE BREAKER, NOR WILL HEAD TO HEAD. We are strictly going by points, and if there is a tie at the top it will be one more match, no matter what the H2H results were or if one person has a huge GD and the other does not.
    Regular season Schedule


    This is the schedule for the season.

    remember the HOME TEAM needs to invite the opponent to keep the home/away splits proper.

    We will have 3 days to play games. Please make an effort to play your games ASAP by reaching out to the person you are set to play as soon as the slate of games is open. As of now, we are officially in week 1.

    Please reach out to your opponent either in this thread (best idea because it documents your attempts to play) via PM or on XBL.

    If no time can be found between you and your opponent I will settle the result for that week. If you are having trouble either contacting your week's opponent or setting up a time, please contact me before the end of the 3 days. if one player shows more effort in scheduling the game, they will be awarded the win. If both players put out the effort and a time just won't work for you both, a draw will be awarded.

    Also keep in mind we will advance as soon as all 6 games are played, so if we all play quickly we will be able to maintain a pace much quicker than 1 game per 3 days.

    For each game I ask that you do the following.


    Make sure you have the latest rosters downloaded. Please go to the rosters and DL them before each match just to make sure.

    Before a game begins, if both players can please simply post in this thread that the game is about to take place, along with your starting 11 for that game.


    After the game is completed, please have one player post the final score, goal scorers & time as well as any player who was yellow or red carded during the match. Once this is posted by one player the opponent should post to confirm the information.

    **Note** In the case of a disconnect the following rules will be in place:

    -Restart the game. It sucks, but this is the best solution. I don't think anyone here is going to purposely D/C to take advantage of this rule, and if a pattern is noticed it will be taken care of.

    Restarts won't be necessary only if:

    1.) A player is winning by 2 or more goals in the 2nd half--- that player is awarded the win
    2.) Both players can agree to a draw if they wish, or one player can concede if they feel the other player deserves the win

    Player discipline:

    Yellow Card Accumulation: Players will be suspended for one game after their 5th yellow card. Players will be suspended for 2 games after their 10th yellow card.

    Red Cards: Players will be suspended for receiving red cards. For the first red card the player will be suspended for one game, the second red card two games, three for the third and so on and so forth.

    That's all I've got for now. If we don't all finish our games early (I hope we do) then we will be advancing to week 2 Monday. Best of luck everyone, have fun, stay active and let's do this shit.
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    Week 1 matches (remember the home team needs to send the invite)

    Chelsea vs Man City
    PSG vs Dortmund
    Arsenal vs Real Madrid
    Barcelona vs Manchester United
    Atletico Madrid vs Leicester
    Bayern Munich vs Tottenham

    Current table:

  3. Jonathan, you up for tomorrow? I can't play tonight now but I will as soon as possible tomorrow.
  4. Fuck yellow and red cards. I get 5 yellows every game.
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  5. Really?
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  6. YAY let's all play.
  7. It's supposed to be run as if it is a real league. Why wouldn't I do this?

    errr, stop?
  8. Also you realize I mean players on your team, not 'players' as in users, right?
  9. I'm not changing how many tackles I successfully or unsuccessfully make in a game to follow stupid rules on here. I'm also not writing down my starting 11 because that is stupid.
  10. Then gtfo out of the league you stupid ****.

    I have spent a lot of time coming up with the guidelines and plan to make this as dope as possible. If I can't get a little cooperation on simple fucking things from you all then fuck it, why bother?

    fucking ****
  11. Thought you meant that I'd be suspended
  12. Xanth, Taily, Me, sure there'll be others all agree the rules are rediculous.
  13. no way bro
  14. Bitch. I am dead fucking serious. They aren't changing. You will comply or you will go the fuck away. decide
  15. Gonna take ages to write down the starting eleven :sad:
  16. Just cause you're better at organising things, maybe you should have checked with others for what the rules should be on our tournament..
  17. How would it take longer than 15-20 seconds?
  18. I also just saw that I've got Xanth week 2 (Should be a good match) and Crayo week 3 (Only got a chance if Ronaldo makes LOTS of runs).
  19. Crayo
    Walter Jr

    I did, with the people who matter. Again, comply or fuck off ass fucking hole.
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