WWE Forums Greatest Wrestlers of all Time: #5

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  1. The Rock

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  2. Ric Flair

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  3. Hulk Hogan

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  4. Macho Man Randy Savage

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  5. Eddie Guerrero

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  6. Bret Hart

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  7. Kurt Angle

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  8. Owen Hart

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  9. Y2J

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  10. Chris Benoit

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  1. Seeing as how this thread was abandoned by Dolph'sZiggler I'm posting #5.

    This is going to be a series of polls to determine the consensus greatest wrestlers of all time according to the posters on this board.

    Just like last time, I am limiting this to wrestlers of what I will call the 'Wrestlemania era". Most of us are in our teens/early 20s, and so arguing about guys clearly before our time is pointless. And while '85 is still probably a little bit before a lot of our times, I'm sure most of us have seen Wrestlemania 1 on DVD and things like that. Oh and North American wrestlers only before anyone nominates someone from a Japanese org.

    I'm not going to lay out a specific guidelines for what you should think makes a wrestler an all time great, but I will share with you the criteria I'll be using. I will take into consideration how iconic a wrestler is, lasting impact that they had on wrestling, the number of memorable matches and segments they had, and also their actual ability ala in ring skills, charisma, mic ability, ect.

    Now for the two rules:

    1.) You must post who you voted for in the thread.
    2.) You MUST nominate another wrestler for the next poll. (someone that is NOT an option for the current poll.)

    ***If you do not follow these two incredibly simple rules, your vote will not be counted.***

    Now, for example, here is my vote for the first poll:

    I vote for Hulk Hogan, and nominate Kurt Angle.

    ^It's as simple as that.


    The first wrestler to 8 votes wins, or whoever is in the lead after 48 hours

    The Wrestler with the most nominations will be added to the next poll.


    #1- Stone Cold Steve Austin
    #2- Undertaker
    #3- Shawn Michaels
    #4- Kane

  2. i voted kurt angle and nominate nobody.. the people there are good.. keep them ther
  3. Voted Hulk Hogan, nominating Ultimate Warrior.
  4. Hulk Hogan. Gonna keep voting him in these threads until people smarten up and realize he should be at the top. I really don't know who is left to nominate. Ultimate Warrior, I guess.
  5. I'm critical of Hulk but him not being top 3 at worst is a fucking disgrace. Hulkamania nominate Jeritroll then. Fuck he's in aswell fine then nominate Rick Rude.
  6. Crayo hates Hogan. 'Nuff said.
  7. I can understand why, he's an egotistical over rated prick by all accounts but he still put the WWE on the map.
  8. Only because of the way he looked/sounded. He's trash compared to Austin/Rock/HBK who had REAL talent.
  9. Disagree entirely, Hulk did have a marketable look but so did many others who never made the impact he did. He was a decent babyface WWE worker who understand how to work a crowd with great simple psychology plus his work in Japan was a lot better. Not to mention the stupid amount of charisma. Hulk, similar to Rock and Cena were pushed above their talent levels due to a marketable look and ability to work the mic.
  10. I voted for Rock and nominate Triple H. He was beast during the AE and during his heel run.
  11. The Rock doesn't belong in that list, Austin does though. But what did Hogan have that some x30 better than him (HBK) didn't? Hogan is the embodiment of everything wrong with WWE. You have super cena/shaemus who are overpushed while the guys that are 10x better than them simply get scraps.
  12. Voted Hulk, though it was incredibly close with Rock. I nominate Y2J. Angle is already there Seabs.

    People need to realise just because I hate someone they don't have to, and also, if I hate someone I don't discredit their achievements. I have a ton of respect as well as disdain for Hulk.
  13. Surprised Rock isn't there yet also tbh.
  14. Yeah, to be fair, the reason Austin/Rock/Cena/etc. are as big as they were and are, was also because of their charisma and marketable look. It's been proven to be the #1 thing that will get you over and draw money (well, you need good booking in feuds, too), even if you have actual talent in the ring.
  15. LOL you really want to start this? Rock couldn't work as well as Austin, see matches Vs Bret at SVS and WM 13, Vs Dude Love at OTE 98, SCSA and HHH vs Jericho and Benoit, Angle Summerslam 2001 and Dustin Rhodes at Clash of the champions for the US title in WCW. The charisma is closer, rock may even edge it however Rock was very catch phrase reliant, whilst Austin could cut a promo using very little for a cheap pop.
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  16. Y2J. Y2J is awesome, always will be.

    Because I don't want to really nominate anyone else I say...

    AJ!! (Yes, Crazy AJ)
  17. Not sure if I should vote for Angle or Rock. HALP!
  18. i dont think Hulk should be in top 5, top 10 maybe. Just because someone is the face of the company doesnt mean they are good. Case in point, Cena
  19. Yep, he should be taking this spot as #5 with Hogan as #4 (IMO), regardless, Austin, HBK, Undertaker, Hogan and Rock should be in the top 5, or even Bret, Savage, Flair. They're all above Kane, again, IMO.

    Great post, liked.
  20. rock
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