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    As Kevin has graciously offered to cover the amount needed, I'll now accept donations. As soon as money is received, I'll renew a license. Once everything is renewed, the upgrade will proceed.
    Anything over the 353 needed will be used to pay for more features, and there are more I'd like to add. The 353 covers just the bare essentials.
    Donate here: Donation Campaigns | WWE Forums - Wrestling Forum And News

    Big thanks to Kevin!



    You've probably noticed things are really quiet here. Forums can't compete like they used to and ours is no exception.
    There have been no updates and no new features since June 2017, everything is out of date, my drive to maintain the forum is at an all time low and every month I pay for it. I have no intention to commit myself to the major update we so desperately need for financial reasons and how time consuming it will be.

    This is where you come in.

    If you'd like to see the forum continue and be refreshed with a new look and new features that comes with the major software upgrade (XenForo 1.x -> XenForo 2.1), we need to raise the funds.
    I can't overstate how big an upgrade this will be, it'll be incredibly tedious but if the community funds this then I will give it my all. I cannot guarantee the forum will flourish again, but I will put in the effort knowing big upgrades like this inspire me.

    So... the cost. Here's the licenses that are expired and must be renewed if the forum were ever to get this upgrade...

    • XenForo (paid for)
    • Essentials addons (this includes PM enhancements, user name changes, additional functionality) (User Essentials paid)
    • Chat addon (paid for)
    • Betting addon (paid for)
    • Forms addon (paid for)
    • Database backup addon
    • Giphy addon (paid for)
    • Updated theme (paid for)

    And we'd also need a theme upgrade.
    These are the things I consider essential to this forum, and renewing them all will cost $353. Any additional features after this will, of course, cost more. Some addons are free, though.

    If anyone wants to help the cause, please say so in here. I will not accept donations until I know the costs are covered.
    Otherwise, the forum will be closing in about 2 months.
    This is disappointing, I know. I hate to see the forum wither away like this and I can't just let it continue to burn a hole in my wallet.

    Questions? Complaints? Post below. :emoji_point_down:
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  2. I want to help, but don't know if I realistically can at the time of writing this. That could change however.
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  3. Damn that's a big drain on your wallet. With my currency the way it is now (all time low against the dollar) I really can't commit to anything.

    I've got two questions though.

    Do we have like the whole 2 months to see if we can get the amount?

    Are you open to trying stuff like GoFundMe campaigns?
  4. Yep!

    I don't think a stranger would donate to such a cause, especially when there are much better campaigns to donate to on there.
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  5. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end....

    I hate seeing the state of the forum now given that it was so active and full of life when I first joined. Met some cool people here, met my husband here.

    I see people log in every day but only a handful post on a regular basis. I know people care about the forum and care about some of the members as friends here but WWE in general has just grown sour for a lot of people here and I can't blame them for that. I really don't care about it at all anymore. I push myself to make threads and talk about things to keep the place active but I would honestly rather be talking about other things with people.

    In the event that we don't reach the goal for funding the forum, just make sure you all have ways of keeping in touch with each other.
    I am sure Solidus will let you guys know a few days in advance, but just in case, better to have info now.

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  6. If all else fails, we could all have a Discord server?
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  7. I plan on it.
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  8. IF the forum closes, @Solidus and @Solid Snake could you guys please consider starting an official WWEF discord?
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  9. I always forget about Discord cause I don't have a reason to use it lol
    (The WWEF server would be a reason to use it I suppose)
  10. Didn't think I would be here for closing time, feel bad for not contributing more, only donating within the past year and not when it mattered most. I can donate again, but making a discord seems to be the logical conclusion to a forum. Downsizing, basically.
  11. I could conceivably raise that much money within a two month period or even shorter. Despite me not having a lot of videos out since my brother passed away, my channel is actually going really strong view and revenue wise. If I crank it up over the next few weeks, which I was planning on doing anyway, I could very likely get the money for this. I can't promise that yet, but I do love this site enough to try.

    One thing that could help is that if members on here have had a scary experience in their life, write it and message it to me and maybe I can add it into a video.
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  12. Any specific topic for that scary experience or literally anything?
  13. Could be anything. I do topic videos but when I have stories that don't fit in a topic, I'll make a video called something like "Scary Stories Told by Candlelight" or some such thing.
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  14. man of action right here
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  15. Thank you :emoji_slight_smile: I figure it's the least I can do to help out a place where I've met a lot of fun people and spent a lot of good times at.
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  16. Whether you succeed or not, I commend your effort. Thank you.
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  17. I...

    I don't want this forum to close...

    It has come to mean so much to me...especially considering how isolated I
    am in my own "real" life.

    While I started watching wrestling again before I found this place...it is only
    this place & its members that has kept me watching the product through many
    of the lows of this last year (MitB being the true low point for me).

    I joined during the darkest & most difficult part of life and having a place to
    express my opinions, ideas & creativity was incredibly important to my own
    healing process...a process that I will admit is still ongoing...if not physically...
    then definitely mentally.

    While I know I haven't made friends with everyone (granted some people are
    just idiots...even in a digital realm like this) I have made many friends here
    and my life (what little there is of it...) would be worse off without this place,
    the people that make it & my shame corner to sit in.

    I myself am unemployed (and have been for several years owing to my health issues...
    the same issues that nearly took my right foot and possibly my entire leg from me) and
    I do struggle to get by week to week. I am a real life scavenger and while I never steal
    from people...I take what I can from who I can when I can.

    Even through this...I would be willing to contribute whatever I could...to keep this place
    alive...and breathing.

    I have much yet to do...stories to tells, opinions to voice, enemies to stir & friends to support.

    A photo of Charlotte may have rekindled my interest in wrestling...
    but this place truly made it something I could be passionate about
    and for that...I will always be grateful.
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  18. Thank you! I was with my previous forum for like nearly 12 years before it went under. Afterwards, it was hard finding a new place and finally I discovered this place. Regardless of the result, it is well worth trying.
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  19. #BlameSethAmIRight?

    Anyways, I have been on numerous forums and they have all disappeared so this is really doesn't bother me as much Am I sad? Kind of, but this is just the nature of time as the old ways must die.
  20. i remember when the wwe universe forum died, god that place was the drizzling shits
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