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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. For quite a while now @Coon and I have been planning a better experience for live discussion threads. Actually, this feature has been planned since MyBB, but since Xenforo had its own live discussion feature this sort of got delayed. However, the current live discussion add-on isn't perfect, so since then Coon has started working on it again. The feature is called "Compact Live Thread", but I'll just be calling it "Compact". The feature itself isn't an add-on as such; it's a slimmed down interface on top of the current live thread feature.

    Compact is going to be much more smooth and much easier to read. You'll be able to see a lot more posts without scrolling continuously. The reason for that is because it's slimmed down and unnecessary information like avatars, post count, etc., is removed. The feature is currently in BETA mode so there will be a thread soon where users can report issues, bugs, and all that stuff, but it should be able to be in usage for tonight. If you dislike the feature, please don't rant about it and cause havoc, because you can simply "X" out of it and discuss the show like you usually would; you're not forced to use this.

    Screenshots and stuff:

    When you enter a thread that is live, you'll see a small expander button at the top left of the screen. Once you click that, the Compact application will appear which looks like this:


    As you can see in this screenshot, the Compact application almost acts like a Skype chat. It's so easy to discuss the show without any unnecessary information or lag. Furthermore, you'll notice the "X" at the top left of that screenshot, that's what you click if you want to go back to using the default live discussion add-on (the one you've been using for months). The "mc" at the top right is the thread title (we so happened to test this in a thread called mc). PLEASE REMEMBER that this is still in development. As we speak, we're adding likes to the Compact application so you can continue to like people's posts. Quoting people's posts will be added in due course as well. In fact, here is a picture of what is planned for Compact:


    All messages entered into Compact will be archived like usual, so for those who like to look back through discussion threads for reactions and what not, don't be alarmed.

    NOTE: Please remember that this application has been almost exclusively tested in Google Chrome, so using that browser will definitely give you the best usage experience. As I said earlier, there will be a thread soon where you can report bugs, so please report any that may appear on Firefox (or whatever hipster browser you use [not internet explorer, FU if you use that]) in that thread.

    Finally, a test thread will be made soon where you guys can go test this yourself. We'll be making that after likes have been added, so people aren't using it while development is continuing. Please keep this thread clean with useful posts as I'll be checking it a lot to answer questions and such.
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  2. fucking sucks give us back our old live discussions
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  3. This should be interesting to use! It'd make things less laggy that's for sure .
  4. fucking smark can't you be positive when something cool comes around?

    After the entire "speculation" thread with stuff like relationship statuses on it (I'd mark, but still) it's really great to see this. Less lag is always a good thing. But how well will this work if you're viewing this in half-sized Window mode?
  5. It resizes pretty well, but I doubt it'd go as far as being useful in a mobile. The auto-scroll should work when you're resizing too.

    It hasn't been tweaked for relatively small resolutions though, but that's something I'll consider for the future.
  6. So its like a chat room in a thread during live events?

    cool. D'Z approves

    oh and @Everyone I'll be discussing the Rumble live as fuck tonight. Get hyped
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  7. So we wont be able to post pics/GIF during the LD?
  8. Yes you can.

  9. Who would want/need to? Gifs just gum up the works, most of us have streams up so we don't need fucking gifs slowing shit down.
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  10. Looks awesome. Really like this.
  11. [​IMG]

    Likes have been added. You click the heart beside the post to like them. Darker shades of pink are posts you have already liked. For now, you won't be able to see WHO liked your post unless you exit out of Compact (by pressing X at the top left) and looking at the normal version, but that's really easy to do. Seeing who liked your post will be added in future versions.

    Test thread where you guys can test it yourselves is coming soon.
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  12. Oh, that's awesome you can X out if you don't like it. Going to be fun tonight to test it.
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  13. Just in time for Frie to be in the Rumble LD tonight. Looks like a good setup.
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  14. PWMania.com: According to rumours on WWEForums Danielson was said to be set in stone for the Royal Rumble Live Discussion and now he has made a post confirming it.
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  15. Oh I like that quite a bit. First question was if we could still like stuff, confirmed. Then if they still counted as posts, also confirmed. So i'm down for this for sure.
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  16. Not sure if the old Live Thread used to lag after a few hundred posts were made, but I had pretty bad lag when I exited the compact since all the posts were rendering. I might make it cap and hide the posts in the background and limit it to the last 10 or something sometime in the future. Tons of stress testing needs to go into it, but you're all welcome to break it in the live thread tonight.

    But if you do find a problem, state the problem, don't just say it's crap and broken. It's beta, it's meant to be crap and broken in a few parts, but the main parts are functional. It was either release it now as beta or leave it a few more weeks for a stable release, preferred letting you test it out now to catch any problems early on.

    One thing to note: when you send a message, it's not going to instantly appear. This is because it sends the message to the server and only displays it once it has confirmation from the server that the message has been saved. This is to avoid making you think a post has been saved when it hasn't. In the future, I'm going to make it show the post instantly but display an icon if the message failed to save on the server.
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  17. man, its crap and its broken.
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  19. Looks nice but Google Chrome can :gtfo:
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