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    Xanth: What's wrong with my ass :mad2:
    Crayo: Every time I put my penis in there it always comes out sticky from all that jam
    Xanth: Hey it's easier to get jam on my toast like that, just slide the bread between my ass cheeks like a credit card.

    LD: It's Farooq!
    Gohan: Son of bitch, I didn't know they served tacos on this ship!
    Farooq: Gohan?
    Gohan: :otunga: Yup that's me. *tosses Farooq overboard*
    *ship docks at Cornwall*

    Aids: *Aids walks over to the woman takes off his shirt* Hey baby, you ever been with a champ before? *Aids launches three pelvic thrusts at the woman*
    North Korean Woman: 세상에 자신의 성기가 너무 작습니다. 나는 당국에 경고해야합니다! *North Korean woman runs away*
    CrayJ: See I tol-
    Aids: Goddammit! Go wait over there, you keep cockblocking me.
    NK Soldier 1: 너희들은 게이 미국인이다.
    *Aids and Dolph's are both hit in the face with rifles and knocked unconscious*

    *Jonathan jizzes out of his window and all over the highway. One of the cop cars slides on the jizz and flips over doing 4 barrel rolls. The remaining cop cars crash into that car and each other, creating a five care pile up*
    Jonathan: :woo1:
    *The pile of cars explodes as we go to an over the shoulder shot of Officer Rambler*
    Officer Rambler: This ain't over.

    Part 2 - Chapter 1
    Crayo walks hastily to Tesco, dragging Xanth along by the leash on his S&M costume.

    Xanth: What're we doing out here? I thought we were late.
    Crayo pulls on Xanth's nipple hair
    Xanth: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!
    Crayo lets go of the hair
    Xanth: What was that for?
    Crayo: Don't question me again.

    They walk into the dairy and Crayo stops at the whipped cream. He looks to his left and right and reaches for the whipped cream. He pulls the whipped cream downward and the floor beneath Xanth and Crayo begins to lower. Both Xanth and Crayo's faces are unmoving as they are accustomed to this. They come to a underground hideout with a logo that has a triangle with a nipple covered in whipped cream in it.

    Crayo and Xanth walk down the empty hallways til they reach an empty room. Xanth and Crayo go to opposite ends of the far wall. Two keypads flip over from the wall. They both press their nipples against it, the keypads turn green, and the wall slides down.

    On the other side of the wall a man dripping blood with his head down, sits tied up in a chair. Crayo roughly pulls the man's hair to raise his face. CM Punk sits in the chair with a black eye and cuts on his face, barely alive.

    Crayo: Last Chance! Tell me who is it!
    Xanth plays with his nipples as he gets excited from Crayo's masculinity.
    Punk spits blood in Crayo's face and smiles.
    Crayo slaps Punk in the face like a girl.

    Punk: You're going to have to do a lot better than that.
    Crayo: I'm glad you said that. Xanth, bring in subject 2-12-6-6-12.
    Xanth leaves the room.
    Crayo: I heard that you like feet Punk.
    Punk: Yeah, so what?!
    Crayo: It's the 5th Year Anniversary Punk and you're my most valued staff member, so I brought you a present.
    Xanth comes back in with a woman in a chair.
    Crayo: How about these feet?!
    Xanth takes off the girls shoes with plastic gloves to reveal moldy, boil infested feet with green grime in between her toes and a Brock Lesnar tattoo on it.
    CM Punk: Oh God No!
    Xanth pushes the woman towards Punk as her feet are lifted up towards his mouth.
    Punk: Okay I'll talk! I'll talk!

    Crayo: Who killed Lacky?!
    Punk:...It was him
    Crayo: Who?!
    Punk: You know who
    Crayo: Impossible! I killed him! Don't lie to me!
    Punk laughs
    Punk: You can't kill him...He doesn't have a soul.

    Back in the desert...

    Officer Rambler gets back in his car after Jonathan and R'Albin escaped. He adjusts his rear view mirror to see a pale kid with orange hair smiling at him from the back seat.

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    Rambler: I thought you were dea-

    A knife comes piercing through the driver's seat and through Rambler's torso. Rambler is tossed from the car and it speeds off, leaving Rambler on the side of the highway.
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    Sounds like a comedy/horror/porn/drama movie.
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