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  1. Hello! My name is Jordan, I'm the founder and one of the designers at a small up and coming studio called Codicious. We specialise in customising MyBB and WordPress, later to move on to bigger brands such as XenForo and IPB. A short time ago Crayo contacted me on doing a design for a new header on the site, in the end we decided that a whole new look would be better. This is the result of that decision. I hope you like it! :emoji_grin:

    I'm creating this thread so I can track of any bugs within the theme. I realise that some plugins (awards and likes) may not show up because of the recent template changes. This is an easy fix which Crayo himself can do, by simply deactivating / uninstalling then installing and reactivating the plugin. This happens because when the plugin activates it pushes its code through to the theme templates. As the plugin has not been activated whilst on this theme, the code has not been pushed through.

    @font-face and Firefox
    If you're running Firefox as your web browser, you'll notice this theme looks like horseshit due to the fonts. This is because at the current time, Firefox is a jackass and doesn't support @font-face. Safari, Chrome and even Internet Explorer support it. Firefox is too stubborn at the moment, but we're looking in to a patch or a fix to force it to accept the fonts.

    Post icons and images
    A lot of images you'll see around the site have a white border around them. This is because MyBB stupidly decided to make their images .gif for faster loading times, not realising this would cause them to look like mule faeces on darker background. We're currently working on a transparent icon pack that may be done by this weekend.

    Please, if you find anymore bugs, post them in this thread below and I'll work my hardest to squash them.


    Current bugs:
    • Editor Area Fix
    • Likes don't appear in postbit
    • Awards don't appear in postbit
    • New Status box on the index
    • Popup box tables set to 100%
    • Polls display things centered

    If you're in need of a design or a custom MyBB plugin, stop by Codicious and PM any of the staff members there. We're more than happy to assist you. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Regards, Jordan.
  2. Finally the thread is here!

    Main one that people will spam you with is statuses, but we're already speaking about that fix.
  3. The spoiler color is hurting my eyes a bit.
    Other than that the theme is awesome.

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  4. Don't uninstall any plugins yet, most of them will probably delete whatever database tables were added and all of the data will be lost.

    The template variables will have to be brought over manually from another theme, but I'm not on a computer right now so I can't do it.
  5. The "Like" feature doesn't appear, nor is it in the post_bit.

    The awards don't appear in your post bit.

    You cannot see the "tag" feature.

    The auto MyCode really needs to be disabled, it's really annoying as well when you have to click the top right button to disable it from showing in your text.

    Also, the button images should be updated. They're the same presets for the origional MyBB board. (New Reply, PM, Email...) etc..

    You also cannot post a new status which you've already told us.

    The : cry : smiley looks messed up with the white background around it when you post it, same with the : laugh : smiley as well.

    The font also goes over the images in the attachement I have uploaded.

    That's all I can see currently. I hope this helps.
  6. Don't use Firefox @[RKO]
  7. Not using Firefox.. I'm using my PS3 browser, which is some google browser.
  8. Oh god, that's cruel.

    My netbook & Chrome are displaying it perfectly, just the theme is too wide for the screen so there's a width scroll bar.

    Not sure if Jordan could help with a PS3 browser, lol.
  9. [​IMG]

    When you click on replies, the box is way too big.
  10. Another thing I can input is the poll options, it's central.

    Example thread: http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=1580

  11. What's wrong with it?
  12. Don't make me take a screenshot on my netbook. Might just be this netbook actually, does anyone else see the massive space on the left?
  13. When I try to add rep for a post the box is too big if that makes sense but on the other one it was the right size. This probably doesn't make sense so see the images in the spoiler please.
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  14. There's no make a status button.
  15. Already been reported, should be fixed once we get the variable.
  16. Like this?

    I'd like them to be more central tbh it seems like a waste of space other wise. Either that or put it to the left hand side.
  17. Think it needs to be on the left, and yeah like that :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I didn't see that because I haven't voted.

  19. It's central for me too, so it's not just your netbook.

    When I multi-quote people, the bar in the quick reply is unreadable. Here is a screenshot:


    It shows much better in a screenshot (via Awesome Screenshot), but it's hard to read when it's on the theme.

    Otherwise, great looking theme.
  20. Quite handy having this thread, spot small errors which I or Jordan couldn't see.
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