WWE Forums Turns Two Years Old!

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    (fuck you Olivia)​

    Well, technically, tomorrow is our two day anniversary, but I'm not completely sure I'll be here tomorrow so you're stuck with it a day early. It's pretty amazing that this site has been open for two years as I genuinely remember pitching the idea to this forum to Xanth & Coon (not going to bore you with that story again). It genuinely is a massive achievement as success with forums is becoming harder and harder in today's world with the emergence of social media and all that jazz. The fact this community is still thriving and growing sometimes shocks me even though I predicted that this is a niche I felt I could find a hole in.

    Without sounding like a complete soppy dribbler, the reason we are successful is because of the community itself. I look at the other wrestling forums out there and their community doesn't even come close to ours. The games, the discussions, the atmosphere, there is just few dull moments on this forum. The wrestling sections remain high quality and interesting to read, while the community/group sections remain hilarious. Believe it or not, the statistics of the site aren't what impress me the most, it's the vibe. I struggle to believe that we have created a platform where members on this forum can become more than online acquaintances, but we have. I shouldn't struggle to believe that as I spend most of my days hanging out with online friends - most of whom have come from this very forum - gaming and whatnot. But I hear stories of members Skyping at night having all sorts of fun, while other times there are members that converse with each other privately regarding very personal issues. The satisfaction I get from knowing that people make friends here and can help people here with their personal shit is very rewarding, so I thank you for that.

    I know currently there is drama here with a couple arguments here and there, but I'm incredibly happy with how little there is over the course of a calender year. Even when there is drama it doesn't seem to last for very long. For those who are currently going through the drama, whatever has pissed you off, I advise you to forget about it. No one is perfect and the internet is a very unforgiving place. I've had numerous encounters myself with members I consider real close friends now, and if we remembered the things we may have said then those friendships simply wouldn't have been made. I mean for example, I argue with Jonathan on a daily basis, yet ten minutes later after I insult him and his entire Sunderland family I'm FIFA'ing with him. Let the drama go people, and move on with your day :emoji_slight_smile:. ly shadow

    Lots of members have been going on at me to get this thread done because they want to post their anniversary posts, which is where they're going to tag members they want to write a little bit about and essentially be thankful for them. If you want to also do that, then go ahead! We're in the Christmas season so everybody should be pretty buzzed. I would do that myself but I would genuinely be here all day and won't be around tomorrow to apologise to the inevitable members I'd unintentionally leave out. Please know though that I am very appreciative with what all of you members offer this forum.

    I'll stop boring you with this crappy announcement now, so I hope TLC is good tonight and that you enjoy your holidays. Happy two years to WWE Forums and I hope I'll be making another thread 10 years in the future (where Jono still won't be staff).

    Love you all.
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  2. I prefer pancakes over waffles.
  3. for a second I thought you were just gonna post the cake and nothing else. would've marked
  4. thanks babe
  5. T'was what Solidus said to do. Kinda wish I did, this took fucking ages.
  6. It's strange but this place has gone beyond wrestling, a few people don't even watch it yet still post and visit pretty often. It's become less of a forum and more of a platform. Essentially you've created a wrestling hookup site for men, well done.

    Also congratulation on the anniversary.
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  7. I literally skip 99% of WWE, hardly ever post about it or post at all in general bar IWT. All I do is read now :lol1:
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  8. 2 forum years is about 65 human years I believe. Happy Birthday Grandpa.
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  9. I've only been here a week and I must say this forums looks pretty awesome. I didn't know how a wrestling forum would be, but you guys have been very welcoming.

    I just have one question... When can we eat the cake? xD
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  10. Oddly enough I'm the same, I think the last show I watched fully was Payback from the WWE and BFG from TNA. I still watch the odd bits but not as much as I used to, the sport section is cool especially D'Z and his MMA threads, the footie ones and general shit in the LR.
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  11. Agreed completely. I remember the first discussion thread where it was just me and you like it was yesterday baby. Commenting on Nash/HHH at TLC from two years ago. Fitting that it's TLC tonight :emoji_slight_smile:.

    ly xox
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  12. Before Xanth gets here.
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  13. Think Olivia ate it :emoji_slight_frown:.
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  14. I love this site and I'm so glad to be a part of it! Happy Anniversary WWEF! :yay:
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    First to start off my post I really just want to thank everyone on here, its been a great 9 months and feel honoured to be on this site with so many friends, love you all <3

    @Rhod : You brought me here, you got me into DX, we have 2 wrestling tumblr/blogs. I consider you my favourite member and best friend on this site, I cant thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

    @Rysenberg : SWO member, S12 annoyance, Breaks into someones house, lives in the United Scotland of Ambrose, Cannot describe you other than RysenGOAT.

    @Britanica : I think recently we have become good friends, you really understand the issues I go through more than anyone I know, you have been really kind to me through rough times and I enjoy playing Xbox with you and Wayne, Also Wayne you are awesome dude, that match Brit sent me of you was awesome bro, keep it up. I really enjoy our talks and hope we can have many more in the future, I hope you eventually return to the site but even if not I refuse to lose contact with you, take care and enjoy your Xmas both of you :emoji_slight_smile:

    @Farooq : Awesome guy, most underrated member on the site, active and HQ posts, helpful, makes epic IWT posts, very nice. You have been awesome during my time here, We need to go to North Yankton again soon :emoji_wink:

    @GrammarNazi82 and @Rainman : You are both awesome friendly members, it saddens me we lost touch after I left DMH, you are both awesome, I put you both together because "Rain and GN are like bread and butter you don't think about one without the other" :emoji_wink:

    @DK James : The most chill fuckin guy on the site, you are awesome bro.

    @Coon : Share your cheezits

    @Jonathan : Make more calls when your on my team

    @geekgoddess : All I can say is thank you for being awesome, friendly and nice to me since I joined, I miss skyping with you and Rhod.

    @CM Punk : I always liked you and your IWT promos but I think recently we have gotten to know each other better and your an awesome member, come back soon bro.

    @El Homo : Hai Seabs

    @Shadow : Same as Punk I guess, I am unsure on your thoughts on me tbh and Crayo is a bigger Ambrose mark than you :jeritroll:

    @Crayo : Love you for making this site and Shadow is a bigger Ambrose mark than you :troll:

    @Trip in the Head : Awesome new member, you are awesome bro.

    If I didn't talk about you its not that i forgot or don't care about you, its I don't know what to say about our relationship, sorry if I missed you.
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    Ly too<33, team PTS for life.

    First, I'd like to say congratulations on the two years! I've been here for the majority of eight months now, and I can easily say that these past eight months have been my favorite time I've spent on the internet. I'm real glad to be apart of this forum, it's definitely the best forum I've been part of. The community here make everything fun and great, and we all seem like one big family. Coming here is somewhat like a daily habit of mine now, instead of Facebook, or Twitter this forum is the first place I pull up on my screen. I've also said before that I wish I would've been a whole lot earlier and that couldn't have been a truer statement.

    Now, I suppose I'm gonna take the rest of this post to give my thanks and thoughts on fellow members whom have been active during my stint here. Btw, I'm not gonna tag anyone, that way they have to look for their name. :russo: I'm such a hipster.
    Show Spoiler

    Crayo- CoD sucks.Seriously though, you've done a great job on the forum. The way you interact with the community like you're just a regular member already makes you better than most forum owners out there.
    Hell, if it wasn't for you I would've never been apart of this site, so I can't thank you enough for that. Also, I've enjoyed all the times we've talked both on the forum, and on Xbox. Here's to another year of WWEF!
    P.S: Neither of us is the bigger Ambrose mark, we're equal. Love ya.<3

    Xanth- Throughout my time here we've never really spoken until recently. You seem pretty like a pretty cool person, and it's hilarious when you discourage people on Xbox.
    Keep up the good uh...work with the site.

    Solidus- Like I've said to Xanth, we've never really came in contact except recently on Xbox. You seem like an awesome, knowledgeable person though.
    Keep up the good work with the forum!

    Big Hoss Rambler- The same could be said with you. We've never talked at all besides a brief PM I sent you a while back. You seem awesome as well.
    By the way, I've recently been spending a ton of time on WatchWrestling and I love it. Keep up the good work on both the forum and your site!

    Coon- What can I say? You're an A1 user and you helped build up the site which I'm thankful for. Keep up the swell work on the forum!

    CM Punk- Haha,where do I start? We never really spoke when I first joined but, boy that has changed these past couple of months.
    I enjoy playing games with you on the reg and you're an awesome person to talk to.
    Punk, you're definitely one of the few people I can trust. I love you, man.

    Stopspot- Stopspot, you're a very knowledgeable, and funny member. I've enjoyed our recent discussions on here and I hope there's plenty more to come in the future.

    Seabs- Seabs, like I said about Stopspot, you're a very funny, and knowledgeable member. I always enjoy your posts and you're awesome to talk to.

    Rainman- Rain, I really enjoy discussing things with you whether it be about TNA or just every day life. You're awesome man.

    GrammarNazi- Nazi, you're an all around thrill to talk to and you're just great in general. You remember that thread about Ambrose you made? Yeah, I saved it in the fap folder.

    Testify- You've been an awesome person to talk to and I enjoy discussing things with you, especially TNA.

    Dolph'sZiggler- While we don't talk much on the forum, I enjoy when we do. You're a funny, and cool user man.

    Farooq- Man Farooq, I think you were the first person I really talked to besides Crayo when I originally joined. I've enjoyed our discussions and when we play GTA together.
    Also, I commend you on your music taste and I envy your afro. Never shave it, ever.

    Aids- You were also one of the first users I talked to, I thought you were pretty darn funny. We haven't really talked in a while though besides minor Skype chats. Hit me up more often.

    Rhod- I haven't chatted with you in a while, you rock and you oughta be on more often. Edit: Glad to see you back dude.

    Danielson- Danny, you're the first person I ashley like legit talked to. You're pretty cool to talk to on Xbox. On the forum you're just as cool and it's fun to discuss stuff with you.

    CrayJ Lee- You're awesome to talk to, but you really haven't been around these past few weeks. You really oughta be on more. Edit: It's glad to see you back, we still haven't really talked though.

    Jonathan- Jono, you've been awesome to talk to, and you're also cool to game With. Well, when we're killing Adam and you're not blowing up my car. I enjoy all of our discussions and I hope there's plenty more to come in the future.
    Love ya<3

    Dat Kid- Kid, it's been awesome talking to you, and you always manage to make me laugh. Also, it was fun to team with you during my first stint in IWT.
    I hope you do good in the movie business one day man.<3

    Britanica- You're more racist than any person I've ever meant and you fucksuck so much. Yeah,that's it,so, don't expect to hear anything nice from me.
    Show Spoiler
    Seriously, you suck.
    Show Spoiler
    I'm serious.
    Show Spoiler
    Why do you keep opening these?
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    You're pretty cool, I guess. You still suck though.

    Lady Deathbane- You were awesome to talk to, so stop eating cats and get back on the forum asap.

    KLockard- I haven't gotten the chance to really talk to you, but you're a very knowledgeable person and I enjoy reading your in depth posts.

    Senhor Perfect- We don't talk much but I think that you're a witty person and a really good user.

    Leo C- I don't really talk to you outside of the Showoff section, but I think you're a pretty knowledgeable user. Also,

    DK James- You're funny and you've been a cool user here. We haven't talked in a while though which sucks.

    Ryan- I haven't really talked to you on the forum, but you seemed pretty cool from when we have spoken on Xbox.

    deth- Well, I think pretty funny and you have an awesome taste in music.

    Cloud- You're a really nice person and you're a good user.

    Robbie Coletrain- I haven't spoken to you much besides when we've talked about Breaking Bad, I hope that'll change though.

    Adam- You're pretty cool, and you've been able to cope with jokes lately which is good. Keep it up.

    David- I haven't talked to you in a while besides Skype here and there. You've been a cool user here though.

    THG?- I haven't talked to you in a while either. You've been awesome here and you oughta get more active.

    Trip in the Head- You've been a pretty cool user and it's been fun to play Xbox with you.

    B.Dazzle- I haven't really talked to you much, but you seem pretty cool.

    Nick- I haven't really talked to you either, you seem cool as well.

    Gohan- I love you babe<3

    Alright, now that's done, I'd like to thank the WWEF community as a whole for making this a great forum to take part in!
    Here's to another year of awesomeness, and great discussions!<333
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  17. <3 ya Shadow
  18. If it wasn't for Puls3 rage quitting MP I wouldn't be here in the first place.... Funny how these things happen!

    Happy I'm here now though, really enjoy the community here, and the majority of MP's best members have joined here anyway e.g. @THG?

    It's great that this forum has already been going for 2 years, hope there will be many more <3

    p.s. I would do shoutouts but fuck that, I'm not THAT sentimental!
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    My 2 Year Anniversary Gift to WWEF. Enjoy

    @Crayo @Xanth in Bound 4
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  20. Happy anniversary!!!!! I think ive been here just over a year now ,you guys did make me feel welcome when I first joined and well I hope I can continue to be a small part of this great community.
    Anyway enough rambling from me :emoji_slight_smile: lets see what 2014 brings to the forum :emoji_slight_smile:
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