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  1. It'd be cool to have our own writers group. They will write full detailed reviews on each episode of RAW, Smackdown, PPV etc. It will not be C+P reviews, their own reviews only. We could have a blog page for only writers to post. It'd be our own review from this site and not from other people's blog sties.

    Yes, the writers group could make their official thread and post it but I think it'd better to post it as a blog page. Whichever you think is fine, Crayo.

    I haven't seen other wrestling forums have their own review blog page so it is unique thing to do.
  2. Maybe not a usergroup, but we could have people writing specific things every week. One person does RAW, one does Smackdown!


    That would be pretty cool. Let's see what Crayo has to say.
  3. This is something I've always wanted for this site but we'd need to set up our own blog page plugin I think, which won't be easy. But you're right, it's a great idea for a wrestling forum. I'd probably take part in it myself too.

    Tagging @[Anonymous] to see how hard that sort of thing would be.

    Edit: If it was to have its own domain I'm guessing the blog wouldn't be part of MyBB. I'd rather incorporate it into the forums and perhaps have blog.wweforums.net redirect to the blog link which would likely be something like wweforums.net/blog.php or something.
  4. I know I suggested a weekly newsletter to Crayo before and I can't remember his reply.
    I'm thinking about starting that newsletter next week.
  5. Yeah, that's fine also. As long as we post reviews written by our own people from here.

  6. He'll reply after he helps me with my geography homework thing.

    The redirect would be a pretty decent idea, I'll check if there are any blog plugins.

    Edit: no working ones I can see.
  7. Ok cool.

    Yes, blog.wweforums.net would redirect to the blog page.
  8. God if I was Anonymous I'd hate you more than I already do.
  9. 'Tis fine, just ignore my post :emoji_slight_frown:

  10. Newsletter would require some kind of amazing layout.
  11. Not really.
    I used to run a newsletter on RuneGear which was really successful.

    It can contain:

    An interview of a member.
    All the latest news of the past week.
    A run-down of RAW and SmackDown from the past week.
    Forum&Member News.
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  12. I wouldn't mind that, only because I'd love to get interviewed :blush:
  13. I'm going to start it next week Crayo :emoji_slight_smile:
    I need some graphics.

    @[Xanth], please make these images:
    Wrestling News
    Wrestling Reviewed
    Forum & Member News

    Preferably in the same way the logo is.
    Thank you :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. I suggested this too, but not the blog part. Crayo, you said you encourage everyone to write news, not just a select few of people.

    Blogs could work.
  15. I can't remember what font I used anymore. Just make it with Tahoma, Tahoma is a nice font.
  16. Use any font.
    But I need like glossy looking text images.
    Work your magic for once in your life :hehe:
  17. [​IMG]

    Tahoma is nice.
  18. No, use Old English.. Only people with swagg use old english.
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  19. Geography Homework (open)

    This was what his friend sent him and he wanted it rewording. Apparently she's hot, which makes up for the useless grammar.

    This is my booker prize award winning re-write.

    It'd probably be a neat idea to link this into Wordpress. Wordpress would handle all of the blog formatting and what-not, and mybb would control all of the user interactivity.

    A usergroup could be set up, which wordpress would then interact with and let users of that group post new blog entries.
    Then another usergroup could be made, editors or something, which get sent all of the recent posts for review.

    I'm not too familiar with wordpress though, so I'd probably need to play around with it a little before anything productive comes out.
  20. That's a good idea Anonymous.
    Did you see my newsletter idea at the top of the page? :cool:
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