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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by taily96, May 3, 2013.

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  1. It would be like the media section where members would be able to submit there videos. I think its a cool idea.
    So what do people think?
  2. We do have one but it's not being used. What videos would we put exactly? If you try putting WWE videos, it'll get copyrighted sooner or later and the channel will be useless.

    For now, upload them on your channel. If you want you can add WWE forums URL on the description or somewhere in the video. You can also submit your videos in the Media section.
  3. I think he means like IWT promos and such. :hmm: If we all have them on one channel, anyone could just peruse and see our work.

    Also, videos advertising IWT would probably be on there too and it would just be organized.
  4. Yeah and people could post their videos to Britta and she could upload them, incase there are any rougue members that want to be hidden.
  5. There are 3 categories. I guess add one for IWT?
  6. make a section for Crayo to post his workout videos :gusta:
  7. I don't really think WWEF needs a YT Channel, as the forum functions well on its own.

    However, IWT could be a great YT Channel, promos, titantrons, etc.
  8. I think a IWT Youtube channel will work. Most independent wrestling and backyard wrestling have all their stuff organized like that, so I guess it would be cool to add one for that section, and the activity would boost even more.
  9. The channel to be used for IWT would be great. You can send me your vids and I'll upload 'em.
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