WWE Friday Night Smackdown 16/03/2012 Youtube HD

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. seabs: http://youtu.be/quZMLukDI4c

    @[The Sholi]

    @[Big Hoss Rambler]


    Anyone else uploading?
  2. I'm not uploading it. I only upload RAW. Just uploaded last week's SD for fun/had time.
  3. @[seabs]

    Use these tags. Just replace the whole Tags box with this. It'll get you more views and people will find your video.

    Show Spoiler

    "WWE Smackdown 3/16/12" "SMACKDOWN 16/03/12 FULL SHOW" "SMACKDOWN 03/16/12 FULL SHOW" "wwe smackdown 16/3/12" "wwe smackdown 3/16/2012" "wwe smackdown 16/3/2012" "wwe smackdown 03/16/2012" "wwe smackdown 16/03/2012" "wwe smackdown 3-16-12" "wwe smackdown 16-3-12" "wwe smackdown 3-16-2012" "wwe smackdown 16-3-2012" "wwe smackdown 3.16.12" "wwe smackdown 16.3.12" "wwe smackdown 3.16.2012" "wwe smackdown 16.3.2012" "wwe smackdown 3/16/12 part 1" "wwe smackdown 16/3/12 part 1"
  4. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, no problem. Just change the dates for next week.
  6. @[seabs] Looks like that tags helped you.

    You got like 7.8k+ views. Will probably get up to 10k+ later on.

  7. Hoss you are the most gorgeous man who ever lived #Bromance.
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  8. Yeah, no problem. Hope to see more user registrations from it.
  9. @[Jonathan]
  10. How do you guys get Smackdown before it airs? Do you guys download the shows the day after and then upload them onto YT?
  11. It's usually uploaded Friday morning onto TPB not sure how they do it tbh,
  12. SmackDown airs on Friday afternoon or something in Australia, since they're ahead of us it can be downloaded like Thursday night/Friday morning. International versions are out before US and UK.
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