WWE Funding JBL’s New Project, JBL WWE Return Is “Highly Likely”

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2012.

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    That's awesome from WWE. Real good of them. Also, a JBL return would make me mark, he was awesome when he came back for Wrestlemania. He's still a god send on the mic.
  2. JBL as a manager, commentator or authority figure would have me #Markymarking
  3. I would MarkyMark as well. Sounds like a great cause for him. I wonder what the charity is?
  4. Markymarking so hard right now. This company misses JBL so much!Whether it's on commentary or wrestling - it doesn't matter - just as long as he gets a decent chance to speak.
  5. #MarkyMarkingForJBL is trending.
  6. Wrestling God is trending. :jbl:
  7. Testicles' new avatar rulz.

    Btw, JBL - the mic god.
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  8. I thought Wrestling was unscripted and the characters were real back when JBL had that long title reign. I hated him a lot lol (i was like 12-13 at the time)

    Would love to see him back.
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  9. :obama: Totally.
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  10. It'll be cool to see him again. He makes everything funny to me....and maybe we'll be someones protection that night. DAMN
  11. I'd mark for him to come back.

  12. :yay:
  13. Same. I've never hated anyone as much as I used to hate JBL. I despised him. Now he's one of my all time favourites lmao.
  14. John is a GOOD man.
  15. JBL!

    Really awesome heel, I hope he succeeds (then come back immediately after.) :yay:

  16. Really hope he does return, I enjoyed a lot of his earlier work but his final run I didn't like much. Hopefully he can do some big and entertaining things if he comes back.

  17. [​IMG]
  18. I'd love to see JBL back, he's an excellent mic worker.
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