WWE Gets *SLAMED* By Jet.com ;)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nice Person, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. It had to happen; First Seth Rollins lost his head to the Jet pink fog; next - the RAW Announcers were taken **down** one by one as they sat in mute silence and their heads went *poof!* in pink smoke; then, the Wyatt Family was given their *ultimatum,* they were to go '4 on Everyone' in a match that would have the following consequences: *If* the last standing WWE rasslers win, they get to fight each other for a chance at the WWE belt. *Or,* a better parking place. If they lose, they have to pay for the Authorities stadium lunches. *If* the Wyatt Family wins, they get to bring their pigs to the matches. *If* they **loose,** then they have to submit to the following: 1) A buzz hair cut like Sgt. Carter of 'Gomer Pyle' fame, 2) Have their beards shaved **completely off,** and 3) All of them have to take extended baths :emoji_wink:
    In the meantime, Page announces she'll undergo gender re-assignment surgery. More to follow?
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