News WWE getting some props for RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 3, 2013.

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  2. Thought you were saying "they got big props for the show they're doing", not actual physical props.

    Either way, if they want to shave Bryan's beard they want to shave a bunch of money out of their pockets
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  3. I really don't think they will be getting rid of any of the beard. Should be interesting the way it plays out on tv.
  4. I dont want Daniel to be shaved
  5. Would rather see Bryan kicking people's heads in than getting his haircut.
  6. The Bella's wasn't some manscaping to happen
  7. Prediction for RAW: The Bryan makeover segment is cringy and lame.

  8. Unless Punk comes out and drops and epic pipebomb of the centuries.
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  9. I doubt they'll shave the beard, I'm guessing the segment will have a lot of ":no: "s coming from Bryan and the crowd.
  10. I wasn't hating on Bryan, just think this idea sounds a bit shitty.
  11. Daniel Bryan backstage: I will cut my hair if I get a longer title reign then CM Punk.
  12. [​IMG]

    Actually WWE has a game to shave Bryan...
  13. Crayo's going to manscape his genitals live tomorrow night on Raw! Be sure to use the WWE App to vote on whether or not Crayo should braid his ass hair.
  14. Well that about sums it up, close thread.
  15. The segment will be pretty good. They'll probably tell Bryan he's got to shave and all, it'll be nice.
  16. They'll lose a ton if money off that beard. They should keep it. Don't shave it.
  17. I thought what would be cool if he shaves his head (Not his beard) but not fully shave his head but to make the Beard stand out even more lol.

    His hair looks like shit right now.
  18. I thought DB had a bet going with some MLB star about who will shave it first?
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