WWE Hall Of Famer Loses In Court!

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  1. The Superior Court in Ontario ruled against WWE Hall Of Famer Abdullah The Butcher on November 5th for the lawsuit filed against him by independent wrestler Devon Nicholson. Nicholson claimed Abdullah gave him Hepatitis C by using the same razor blade on both himself and Nicholson in a match. The court ordered Abdullah to pay $3,500 in court costs within 90 days.

    Source: http://www.sescoops.com/riddick-bowes-wrestling-debut-revealed-wwe-hall-famer-loses-court/

    Hope he can get better now.

  2. That fucking asshole had to pay ONLY 3.5k? Such bullshit. He cost Devon a WWE Contract and his career.
  3. Abdullah is a idiot I respect him as a wrestler and in-ring performer but he is disease ridden and he needs to hang it up before he spreads Hep-C in wrestling.
  4. 3.5 k sounds like a small amount. Although I think Abdullah's broke, so, yeah.
  5. I dont care who you are, NOT sharing razors or needles or any of that kind of gross stuff should be common sense by now.
  6. Abdullah The Butcher is a crazy motherfucker in real life.
  7. some people just dont cut it
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