WWE has signed a new fitness model called Alisha Ceraso

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. http://statusfitnessmagazine.com/sites/default/files/Alisha%20Ceraso%202.jpg


    ^^^ Shes pictured with the other NXT divas

    ^^^ I thought WWE had stopped hiring models. I guess Kelly Kelly has left the company with a big gap and they need a top good looking diva to fill her place. I wouldnt say this girl is hot though
  2. [​IMG]

    Not great but not Kelly terrible.
  3. She's a fitness model. Ohhhhh.. No this girl is obviously Ugly...

    :WTF: what planet are you from? She's fookin' beautiful compared to Kelly.
  4. Barbie is alot hotter than this girl
  5. lolno
  6. This man agrees with me, therefore he's a :boss:
  7. Is she a model for the WWE or is she a WWE Diva?? :hmm:
  8. If she's been signed I would assume it is to become a Diva.
  9. So they are still looking for new WWE divas then. Maybe because Beth Phoenix is leaving? She looks like Layla a little though.

  10. Oh BLFFL...

    Implying Kelly Kelly was a 'top' diva? The only thing she was on top at was superstars...
    Kelly Kelly was like, the 5th top diva... Beth, Natalya, Layla, Eve and even Kharma for the short time we saw her are all better than K2.

    Well you're obviously not straight if you don't think she's hot. Not 10/10 but 7/10 wad. Just to be courteous.
  11. She look's like Layla/Bella's I'm not sure what WWE are doing. I know they are cutting back but that doesn't mean they can't have more. 2 rookies = wage of Beth or Kelly Kelly.
  12. 15 rookies = wage of Punk. :pity:
  13. They must miss Nicole and Brie then


    Agreed brother.
  14. I'm someones brother. :yay:
  15. I don't really like the fact that they hire models to wrestle.
  16. Depends if they have a passion for the business I suppose. Trish Stratus was a fitness model but had a passion for the business so she trained and learned to wrestle. :otunga:
  17. :otunga::smug::yay:
  18. Yeha, but it's rare, I think. Well, who knows.
  19. Only time will tell brother. :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. Indeed. Let's wait and see.
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