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  1. http://www.sescoops.com/exclusive-wwes-head-writer-released/79988

    God forbid writers are allowed to speak to talent and pitch their ideas.
  2. Because wrestlers don't know what works in wrestling.
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  3. What the fuck.

    I sincerely hope this is a fake report or something...

  4. Why is Stephanie allowed to make these decisions? She's not exactly a wrestling industry guru.....
  5. That seems pathetically stupid, which means it's probably true. Le sigh.
  6. Talent coming with their own ideas is what MADE the Attitude Era. Several wrestlers have mentioned how Vince gave a speech about how talent were not only allowed but encouraged to come up with their own ideas for gimmicks, merchandise, etc. from now on. If this report is to be believed, then apparently, Vince and company don't learn too well from history. My skepticism comes in considering earlier this year, there was a report where Triple H wanted to give guys the creative freedom to come up with their own promos again. That report doesn't jive with this one. I'm hoping there must be another reason why this guy was let go, but then there are those claims from a few other writers where Stephanie has jumped down their throats before for telling some of the wrestlers how big of a fan they were of them growing up or how big of a fan they are of someone today (one guy said he was called a Mark by Steph.)
  7. Wait, where does this report say there was a problem because he spoke to talent? I read it as him speaking to talent, which was an issue for former writers (because they didn't speak with talent). I don't get where it insinuates he was released because he spoke to talent who pitched ideas.
  8. I can see where it could be read as such, but the way the last sentence is worded initially comes across as making it sound like talking with talent was a problem management had with all three writers named.
  9. Most likely, he was let go (hopefully) for similar reasons that Eric Pankowski was, he just didn't live up to expectations in that position. It's still baffling how speaking to talent is somehow an issue.
  10. Pathetic. This must be a fake report, I wanna believe it is!
  11. This. It is just poorly worded (shocking since most dirtsheet reports are so articulate)

    Anyway, who cares. He sucked, the guy before him sucked and the guy after him will suck. What is the point of bringing in a scapegoat named the 'head writer' when we all know the holy trinity of assholes (HHH/Steph/Vince) run the show?
  12. WWE writing has been eh lately as it's always been so maybe it's not best if the head writer is listening to superstars. I mean KLock brought up a good point with the AE, but if the majority of pitched ideas from superstars are shit ideas then maybe they shouldn't be used.
  13. I'm sure he'll be replaced by a well-respected wrestling booker that had plenty of success and kept the fanbase of a small company happy.
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    Said Stephanie McMahon before bursting into hysterical laughter. "Just kidding," she continues. "It will be another outsider with no experience in the wrestling business. Hunter, my father and I will continue to run every aspect of the shows, and when people continue bitching about our awful booking we will shove this guy under the bus and begin the cycle again."
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  15. "I'm going to bring in another head writer of a soap opera that was just cancelled, because they know how to write television!"

    srsly who does that
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Forget American soaps, they should get novella writers to come aboard. Then there would be scandals and hot babes a plenty.
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  18. But WWE frowns on hitting women, something novellas thrive on
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