WWE Heads & Wyatt Family Unite to..

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  1. The WWE Heads & The Wyatt Family have united to find out whom in the WWE Forums seems to be '..Kicking out 'Nice Person's' Threads before they've had a chance to be read and commented on by the viewing populace. ' "It had come to ours attentions dat someone or someones is working against da grain when it comes to this 'Nice Person.' " Stated Quadruple H. "Yeah," bleated Ray Wyatt as he chomped down on another piece of asparagus, "We's is gonna find out who deese peeple is and whip the tar outta them, by neddy dingo!" "Right as rain!" Replied Steph the Wonder Lady.. Then the real stinky Wyatt woke up and stated..."And fer the rekord....we's not gonna under go gender reassignment sergahrey untill **after** we's capture and tickle them thar culprits!" "YEAH!!!" Everyone shouted in unison..
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  2. What do you ask 'What?' for? Is not what has been explained reason enough to ponder?
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