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  1. Join us on WWE Forums on October 26, 2014 for what will be one of the most barbaric pay per view events of the year. Coming from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, who will compete inside the Devil's Playground, Hell in a Cell?
  2. Where'd you copy this from? You sound like Michael Cole.

  3. I'm secretly Michael Cole perhaps?

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  4. I hope not. That'd be so... Uncool.
  5. rollins v ambrose hiac pls
  6. Dude, it's bound to happen. Hopefully inside Hell In A Cell, since that is the whole gist of the PPV.
  7. Looks like Cena's not getting another shot


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  8. Man I could make a living talking about possible instead of probable?

    I heard Heyman wasnt on because he was busy inside @Testify

    Oh my brother!
  9. what's funny is that I hope this isn't true. I mean whether you like it or not, Cena did, on paper, beat Brock at NOC....so in that case, it makes sense for Cena to face Brock again....and after how many times Cena hit an AA on Brock at NOC...it would be cool to see them beat the living hell out of each inside that cell. ..you know chairs, tables, stairs, etc. will be involved in a huge fashion and tons of finishers and climatic moments. Have them fight in the cell along with Rollins and Ambrose before that.
  10. While I'm not one for tons of PPV rematches, Cena vs Lesnar in a cage wouldn't be bad (haven't seen their NOC match, will catch up with the PPV tonight) especially when you see that there's a lack of guys who could realistically fight Lensar in HELL IN A CELL. I mean, there's Cena. Orton maybe. Batista isn't back yet. Swagger's apparently busy with Bo Dallas.
  11. agreed. Cena should fight Brock one last time as of now.
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  12. This would be a perfect theme for Hell In A Cell... or for Seth Rollins. Just sayin'
  13. ladies and gentlemen my name is paul heyman lol
  14. please change your pic and sig....it's driving me nuts!!!! :angry:
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  15. Awww im sorry its driving u nut I will change it later
  16. I'm only interested in Ambrose Vs Rollins and Ziggler Vs Cesaro.

    Cena Vs Orton and AJ Vs Paige have been done to death.
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  17. Aj vs eva Marie is what I would love to see
  18. Would love to see 'em compete in my bed. :happy:
  19. [QUOTev.M. Br ais , post: 914572, member: 6611"]Would love to see 'em compete in my bed. :happy:[/QUOTE]
    Lol eve Marie Is hot aj not so much
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