WWE HIAC buyrate released

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Kinda shits in the face who say CM Punk is not a draw, also a great number for Ryback.
  2. Clear one thing up for me Crayo thats only 200,000 ppl in the world buying HIAC right?
  3. only? Lol

    But yeah, approximately.
  4. Just surprised I see that as low, yes I know it's something you have to purchase but if 12.36 million are watching x-factor etc I don't see how worldwide WWE aint getting more buys!
  5. It's not low at all lol. There's a difference between tuning into a free show for a quick watch and spending $40+ (I think it's that over there, not sure) to watch it on Sunday. 200k is strong.
  6. Average number for the PPV, and considering Ryback was in the ME for the first time that's a very good thing.
  7. Used to be 40 dollars for SD and 45 for HD. Then it was 45 for SD and 50 for HD. Now it's 50 for sd and 55 for HD and Big ppvs are 60-65
  8. Wow. UK get them for £15 ($23.9) and get every other PPV free lol. So we pay for half of them and get the rest free. Must suck to be American.
  9. Hardly
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