WWE hinting at a character change for Bryan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 20, 2013.

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  1. http://www.wwe.com/videos/kane-trie...heir-loss-to-the-shield-wwecom-exclu-26116236

    Not entirely sure were this is leading to. But this could be taken as WWE deciding to have Daniel's character go in a more full time serious direction. The Bryan character has always been multi faceted for me personally since the hell no angle started. With a bit of humor and fun outside of the ring but all serious once he was in between the ropes. It will be interesting to see where the "weakest link" angle goes if anywhere.
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    I hate when they show this stuff only on wwe.com. These kind of segments should be used on the on-air PPV.

    It'd be nice if this "weak link" stuff went past just referring to Kane being the stronger of the two and more about people continuing to doubt Bryan because of his size as well, despite what he's accomplished thus far. It'd be nice if Bryan snapped eventually and attacked and injured Kane, taking out a big guy with a pretty strong history (he IS the brother of the Undertaker.)

    Another way to go about it is to keep Bryan face and just have him want to break away from Kane because he's tired of being the "weakest link" and wants to prove he can do it all on his own.
  3. But does the WWE really need another heel? They seem to be pretty full on the heel front right now with a couple of good heels looking credible (Henry, Shield members, Swagger, Big Show, Ryback and even Fandango to a degree).
  4. I edited my post right before you posted the above comment. I think Bryan can just as well tell Kane that he wants to prove to everyone and most importantly himself that he's is capable of more than just having success with a partner. He was once World Heavyweight Champion and he could also bring up his ROH record and say he wants to build as impressive of a WWE record as he can by himself. He could bring up how he used to call himself the true best in the world and can only prove that to the "WWE Universe" when he's on his own.

    I think that'd be more interesting considering it's not just the standard "tag teamer turns on his partner" angle that we've seen before with the breakup of major tag teams.
  5. What a terrible list of heels lmao. Besides Henry/Shield I mean.

    If Bryan turning heel means we get a typical Cena 2 month squash feud out of the deal, I'm all for it. If Cena is going to be hogging spotlight and squashing heels, at least make it dudes I want to see like DB or Henry.
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  6. It could also mean he is going to lose for awhile
  7. That would also be a pretty compelling underdog story that writes itself. The protege Bryan breaking away from his more famous "mentor" (Kane) to prove that he can make it on his own.
  8. Holy shit.... that's the maddest I've seen that dude, ever.

    Ugh. Just when I thought I had this whole thing figured out, I keep running into things that make me confused. Why in the hell was this not the show? That's such a huge change-up between Daniel Diagrams-And-Hugs Bryan and Daniel Payback-Motherfucker Bryan.

    Maybe it's because they're just testing the waters with this possible change up before they actually decide to go through with it. If that's the case, I'm glad they're considerate of Bryan and don't want to turn him to shit.
  9. They don't need to test it, the proof is in the pudding. Let him kick faces in. #bitw
  10. There is no guarantee that it would click with WWE crowds though. Testing it out before jumping head deep in is smart.
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  11. DB can play a serious character very very well. I don't see how it wouldn't click over with the WWE crowds. I think the majority of us have been hoping for it actually. That's fine, they can test it out. Gurantee he will do great at whatever he does. He can sell glasses to a blind person.
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  12. He is far too over for a heel turn imo, but a serious badass face would be dope.
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  13. Yup. Plus there is a surplus of faces in and around the main event scene. Especially over ones. Bryan as the serious underdog face will work extremely well.
  14. I think DB is best as a heel. Some of the best moments for me is when a star as over as DB goes heel.
  15. This'll sound condescending towards Bryan to bring up his size again, but it's true. His size works best for underdog baby faces to overcome their adversaries. You can bring up his technical skill and ability to utilize that and his quickness as best as possible to outsmart a larger opponent (which would be pretty much every body) but it's still the same principle.

    It's like Rey Mysterio as a heel - wouldn't work the same (and didn't work, when he was one in WCW as part of The Filthy Animals.)
  16. A great video, wish it was on screen. Hope they run with this.
  17. So many of these backstage segments are gold, and are not on WWE RAW. It's ridiculous.
  18. Yeah man, it helps build stories so much and are so simple. It really baffles me how they just do it for Teddy/Vickie to book matches mostly.
  19. Ziggler is a heel and it's not like he is huge. DB would be and has been a great heel throughout his career.
  20. This wasn't about heel or face though for me, just him having a serious role in singles.
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