WWE hires Canadian sports broadcaster

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Here's a pic:

  2. Yeah I remember hearing something like this a few months back, I'm sure she worked for a station or broadcast company in Canada which was closing down or something?

    Other than that she look's smoking hot. So :Fap: time
  3. I think she'll do a good job as an interviewer.
  4. Interesting... too bad they don't do backstage interviews anymore.
  5. So she's gonna have the same job as Josh Matthews and Matt Striker?!!? Or Lillian Garcia? :hmm:
  6. "You're as useless as a woman from Canada!!!" -:smug1:

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    Naw good for her, hope she does good here, odd to see WWE hiring females still.
  7. That's not Renee. I've watched Right After Wrestling (Aftermath) for like 2 years.

    Also that sucks she's gone! Will miss her on Aftermath. :upset:
  8. Would only be good if the male wrestlers could actually touch the female ones. Watching Ambrose be all psycho on her would be epic television.
  9. Val Venis return?
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  10. Not bad. :obama:
  11. Wonder when she starts and will she be working at NXT first?
  12. If she's going to be a backstage interviewer and has experience as a reporter I don't think she really needs to start on NXT, but that'd be OK.
  13. Update the pic of her Stop. Wrong picture.
  14. Yeah.. stop.
  15. @[CM Punk] It says it is her. It's the first pic that shows up on Google and was in the press release
  16. It isn't her though.
    Also her twitter: https://twitter.com/reneepaquette

    I'm from Canada, I should know.
  17. Must be just a dated picture then. :otunga:
  18. The person in the image is Jenn Sterger

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  19. Thanks Lacko.
  20. Vince hire this women, I don't care who she is or what she does hire her and make her role around in spandex on national television.
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