News WWE holds tryouts in Japan

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jul 4, 2015.

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    There are rumors rolling of Okada and Nakamura doing try outs, which is just lulz. NJPW had a show at the same time. And I'm fairly certain Japan has not developed teleportation tech.

    I expect it to be filled with lesser known wrestlers, gaijins who work Japan, a few women and some non wrestling athletes.
  2. If they couldn't get a "tryout" for Okada and Nakamura, it's a B+ attempt at best.:pity2:


  3. They'll most likely never get tryouts with Okada and Nakamura to begin with since neither has an interest in the E
  4. People said the same thing about KENTA and Prince Devitt.

  5. People never said that about either. Kenta has always said that WWE was his goal. And Devitt has always kept it open but not felt comfortable making the jump.

    To quote Okada himself: "People say that if I remain in Japan, I'll just be a big fish in a small pond. I'll just use my hands to reshape the pond into the pacific ocean".

    Not to mention the massive paycuts both would take since they have to go through NXT. Both men make Cena level money but would have to take a paycut to 50k a year max.
  6. And if the money were right?

    And people, a lot of people, said that KENTA and Devitt would never make the jump for various reasons. Things change.

    I'm just saying that it's pro wrestling. Never say so-and-so wouldn't go to such-and-such promotion. Okada might have said that quote four days ago, but, if two days ago, he got a call from WWE saying they'd like to talk to him, he'd be a total moron not to at least consider it. And Okada has never struck me as a total moron.

    Also, if I were WWE, I'd break the bank to sign Okada and Nakamura. The two men are tremendously talented and geniuses at every part of pro wrestling. To bring them in would be the biggest coup in the last few years in the business (a record currently held by WWE bringing in Steen, Generico, KENTA, Devitt, and Joe).

  7. I honestly don't see WWE signing two Japanese wrestlers. Think they want to market one for a while tbh unless it's for NXT.
  8. I don't see either guy going to WWE and I'm beyond cool with that. Stay in Japan, please. :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. I wouldn't put it past Japan to have already developed teleportation technology, but anyway I don't think Nakamura and Okada were at the try out.
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