WWE House Show attendance numbers 1994-2012

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. Ruthless agression was dogshit and i'm glad I missed it.
  2. I actually dug it in hindsight, but I could see why it did nothing for you,
  3. Kind of hard to say something is dogshit if you've never watched it. :pity2:

    As for these stats... as with most statistics, the raw numbers don't really tell the whole story about the overall product. In the early years of the Ruthless Aggression era, we were just coming off the end of a huge boom period and like with the New Generation Era of the mid-90's that followed Hogan's period, there was a huge drop-off in interest and it was hard to follow mega stars like Steve Austin and The Rock, especially with no new stars around. That's where Cena and Batista come in in 2005. Ironically, house show attendance supposedly started to go up just as the product started to dwindle in quality (2007-2010/11.) But house show attendance is only one piece of the puzzle.
  4. I watched it, but not religiously son. I also stopped watching Weeds after season 4 and skipped a season of Dexter....You know why? They fucking sucked and I didn't need to waste hours of my time to know it.

    Do you need to catch up on Fox News daily to know they are full of shit?
  5. Very good analogy.
    I found this and shared because its interesting to note that the Cena era may not be as dreary as some may be led to believe.
    Considering Cena has largely done this by himself without a #2 firmly in place, shows the reluctance to replace him
  6. To be fair, you did say you 'missed it'. Those were words are indicative of not seeing it at all.
    I'm not trying to be a d***, merely pointing out what Lock read in black and white.
  7. I saw wm rr and ss a few times in the 6+ years, i should have been more specific. Still, my reply counts. I don't have to see it physically to hear about it and be sour on nearly everything that is happening/has happened.
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  8. @Tgmiveld tell him about how great Orton is.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Raw was pretty awful in the RA era if I remember rightly, evolution were stupidly overbooked. SD under Heyman was fantastic though, I challenge anyone to deny it.

    Yeah that really impresses me too, Cena has a pretty weak supporting cast yet they still seem to be running strong numbers overall. Could it help his drawing power though? I mean if you're the only star that should increase excitement, right?
  11. orton would be drawing the big bucks. cena ruins the buisness.

    there is a market of people who avoid wwe because of cena.
  12. There are? People complain about it on social media but never seem to go away from the product.
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  13. I wouldn't say he had a weak supporting cast per se. Batista was mighty over and Orton was a star as well. Plus, you had veterans like HHH and the Undertaker and for a small time, the rising star of Jeff Hardy. The brand extension didn't exactly exist because they were low on talent.

    Not to
    take credit away from Cena, but I think a lot of this has to do simply with the brand name of WWE being bigger than ever. Most people for example will watch Raw or Smackdown regardless of whether Cena is on the show or not. When Cena was out with an injury in late 2007, ratings remained steady and I think the same was true of when he was out last year as well.
  14. Honestly Hardy was a main event star for what two years? Batista sure and Orton too, Taker has been part time for a real long time and H had been for a few years. Compare that to Austin, Rock and Hogan's undercards. They were a lot stronger.
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  15. people who used to watch it

    this great sport has been ruined by cena. i orton was given the keys to the castle, we would not be int his mess
  16. Well, I did say "for a small time..." And HHH and Undertaker have only become part-time in the past few years and I'm talking about Cena's entire run. He had plenty of great talent to work with to make him look good - Orton, Batista, HHH, Edge, Angle, Michaels, Jericho, etc. Umaga and Great Khali too, back when they were undefeated and had a ton of credibility. I would never compare Cena to the true megastars of WWF/E like Hogan, Austin and Rock anyway. I don't remember any of them being booed so heavy-handedly throughout their careers. The cast they had to work with also wasn't a whole lot stronger imo. If anything, most of the talent they worked with benefited a lot from working with megastars like them, and the careers of those folks wouldn't have been quite as prosperous if they were forced to work with lesser talent.
  17. Hey Seab.

    The Charismatic Enigma is a main event star still. TFA.
  18. Cool.
  19. Seabs hit the nail on the head, exactly.
    Mysterious was small and injury prone, Hardy is an addict and left, Punk quit, Lashley quit.
    Edge was injury prone and Randy Orton was dogsh** bad.
    HHH was a holdover from another era and that rubbed off Orton, but Orton is terrible.
    Batista was injury prone never moved merch, then retired.

    Cena has been by himself with a revolving door of hopefuls.
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