WWE House Show Results (4/11) Moscow, Russia

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  2. Not going to read it, since it's a house show and I guarantee you Miz has jobbed.

    Please correct me, please.
  3. Ziggler of course has to be used to make CM Sucks look worth a damn.
  4. They need to refresh the house show lineup. Too many house shows with that same card.
  5. Returned to read the thread and PLOW I was right.
  6. Atleast Ziggler is not backing up for Swagger...
  7. They seem to have the same results at every show from other reports ive read. WWE need to change things up a bit
  8. A bit? A hellova lot I say, lol.
  9. Re: RE: WWE House Show Results (4/11) Moscow, Russia

    Agreed. All the house shows have same matches. I seen these exact matches for a long time now. WWE needs to change more than a bit.

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  10. I said that too. Mix up the line-up give superstars who don't get lots of TV time to use house shows to improve their character.
  11. I cant imagine how boring that must be for the wrestlers/divas doing all these shows with the same matches every night. Come on WWE change it up
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