WWE House Show Results (4/20): Paris, France

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  2. Seems like an OK show. I think I'm the only one who likes Tensai, I think the way they booked his matches (way too slow) are getting people not to really care. Do merchandise stands normally have varied merch or is it sort of limited? It said "Cena merch and programs" on the report, so I'm confused.
  3. Rate of the show 7/10


    Rate of the show 7/10
  4. Oh look, yet again Miz gets most heat.
  5. Reason why he should be in the main event on every PPV.
  6. matches in Antwerp were the same, only the result of the match between Ryder and Ziggler was different, with a win for Ryder.
    Biggest pop: 1. Cena 2. CM Punk 3. Santino
    Miz was funny in his promo, with a nice amount of words in Flemish. Good student, the Miz :emoji_wink:
  7. Liking the Miz heat seriously though when are WWE give him the push we all want to see?
  8. I think WWE has a big storyline planned for him throughout the summer or something.
  9. Hope so as the guy deserves it great on the mic decent enuf in ring and his work ethic out of WWE is high does a lot for the brand and deserves another push to the title!

    I'm convinced it's Wade over the summer though if I'm honest which is no bad thing!
  10. Yeah, I'm impressed with how much promotion he does for the WWE on other media. Always on TV shows and all, promotes their shows on other countries (Russia, for example)... He's a good employee.
  11. Yeah he really is! U see the Sky Sports interview before the RR? The guy interviewing was trying to take the mick but Miz coped with it really well and stayed in character and it ended up being a good spot!
  12. Remember, #wwelogic.
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