WWE House Show Results (7/1): Hidalgo, Texas

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Source: WZ
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  2. Hunico = Over.
  3. I suppose there's a Hispanic fanbase there, right? Well, anyway, OK show.
  4. Wow, heels can't even win in house shows.
  5. Sometimes they do.
  6. That's twice in a row now a face has won every single match, the heels should be dominant imo, people love to support an underdog.
  7. I agree. In the Brazil house show I attended Otunga and Beth won cleanly, just that. But I think that since house shows are normally just to get some cash for attendance, test new things for TV and make the people in the audience happy, the faces just win, it's easier. But on TV it's different, the way it should be.
  8. But tbh, most of the people who go to house shows are smarks, and they usually prefer heels winning so it's not pleasing them. Oh wait I forgot, most of WWE's viewers are 9 :angry:
  9. WWE always books with that casual in mind, I suppose. They don't listen to the smarks or anything, they're stupid.
  10. WWE listens to the majority, plus us smarks tend to never be happy.
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