WWE House Shows

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  1. Has anyone been to one and I heard it's usually more fun than the live event.

    I decided I'll be going to one at the Wrestlemania 28 Tour in March.
    Considering that it'll have Masked Kane, CM Punk, Chris Jericho and hopefully Edge. It'll be great.

    Here's some footage of fun stuff at House Shows:

    With Promo:

    Different Angle and main focal:
  2. House Shows are fantastic! As an Australian that's all I can see, as they don't do tapings and stuff here.

    All matches get a lengthy amount of time, they let lower carded wrestlers wrestle non squash matches and there is little to no mic time other than to work up the crowd. It's fantastic!
  3. Wish I can say I've been but I haven't, hope to this year. I'd a rather watch a taping or a live show though.
  4. I've already been to one so I'd rather try a House Show.
  5. Thing is with House Shows, they're completely predictable. Face wins. Lol.
  6. Isn't that the average raw or smackdown tv taping though?
  7. To be honest heels come off better on a lot of the tv shows. There's normally 1 "feel good" RAW a month. Dunno about SmackDown.
  8. Yeah, but in House Shows, they interact with fans more.
  9. True, but I'm more for progressing story-lines than watching a match where I know how it ends. I understand "House Shows" are there to send the crowd home happy, it's just I'd prefer a TV show for the unpredictability. But I would be lucky to go to either :emoji_wink:.
  10. Don't wink at me, that's just, no, just no.
  11. :emoji_wink:

    Problem officer? [​IMG]
  12. SEABS!