WWE "I attended a live show" Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 12, 2014.

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    So this started as a thread for a local house show I went to, but others added to it, so I thought it would be cool to have a thread for people to post non-televised results from live shows and perhaps share personal pics from the shows and maybe RAW, Smackdown, and even NXT tapings that you attended. I know we have the real life pic thread on here as well, but these would only be WWE show related pics (I hope). See my original post below.

    Original first post (open)
    Should I go? Matches listed thus far:

    - The Shield's Roman Reigns vs Kane in a Last Man Standing Match!
    - The Shield's Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins!
    - United States Champion Sheamus vs Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio!
    Plus: Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, The Rhodes Brothers, WWE Divas and many more!

    Ambrose vs Rollins would be sweet!

    Thinking about it, but I might not have the extra money :(( Of course, I don't want the cheap seats so thats kind of my problem too.
  2. I'd go just for the Shield (and Seth Rollins). But I'm a huge mark. I've heard people say that the house shows are sometimes better than Raw shows, so it might be worth a try!
  3. Oh man! Wife just said it could be my Father's Day gift! :win:

    Now I wonder what seats I could get??? Or which are left anyway..........
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  4. You should definitely go, I went to a show in uhhh, actually I can't even remember when, sometime last year, and it was really good. The matches weren't the best, and there was no real 'main eventers' bar Orton as it was a SD show, but it was still enjoyable.
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  5. So there are 2 shows, same night, different venues.

    Info from WWE.com
    Bangor, ME - closer to where I live
    Cena, Wyatts, Big E, BNB, Usos, Ziggler, ADR, and The MIZ are advertised.

    Portland, ME - further away (South), but a bigger (and better) city
    Reigns, Kane, Ambrose, Rollins, Shameus, Cesaro, Rhodes, Golddust, and ADR are advertised.

    How is ADR in both places??? lol

    But seriously, which one would be better? The second one has the shield and Cesaro, but thats it really. I would rather see the Wyatts, Big E, BNB, Usos, and Ziggler more I think (Fuck you Miz - you almost ruined it for me). Cena I could care less to see, but the crowd is always fun to be in when he's involved.
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  6. 100% Bangor
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  7. I think thats better too. Oh to be in the crowd for the Wyatts intro will be suh-weeeeeet
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  8. Quite jelly that you're seeing their entrance. The Shield entrance at the show I went to was awesome
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  9. I bet. I don't have tickets yet though. Just looking at prices and whats left. Plenty of decent seats left, but like $64 for the seats. $112 for the ringside ones :damn:
  10. I've heard the same, that house shows can be more entertaining than RAW/SmackDown/Main Event and so on. I've never been to one personally, but i think it can be a reasonable way to spend your money.
  11. Might not get any merchandise then lol. Man that shit is pricey!

  12. That's the sting with WWE, the tickets are expensive.
  13. I guess the fuck lol. Plus anything you buy at the show has its price jacked right up there as well.

  14. That's true, but the WWE merch isn't exactly cheap if you're outside of the US anyway what with postage and taxes. (/moan)
  15. Ha, I wasn't even talking about the WWE merch exactly. The food and drinks were just as bad at the last house show I went to.
  16. WWE ramps up it's prices in the Summer almost as fast as Kobe Bryant in hotel in Colorado.
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  17. If you have the money to buy tickets, they assume you have plenty of money in general, I guess.
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  18. :awyeah:
  19. Dammit Trip, how can you not get that reference. :angry:
  20. Kobe Bryant......hotel rooms being expensive........cause he fucks so many chicks? Is that it? I don't follow "real" sports much, sorry.
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