WWE Impressed With Billy Gunn

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  1. Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  2. Well, Gunn did look nice, it'd be nice to see him wrestle one more match I think.
  3. gunn is sexeh :emoji_grin:
  4. lol Billy Gunn.

    Outside of the New Age Outlaws and the short-lived (but funny) Billy & Chuck gag, he never impressed me with anything in his career. Plus, he's at least a borderline hypocrite for tearing into Triple H pretty vehemently in a shoot a few years back, only to then take it all back and practically beg for forgiveness when he wanted a job in WWE back.
  5. I'd pay to see Gunn kick Hunters ass.
  6. Gunn Vs Ziggler could be decent for a one time deal with how similar they are. Billy could go like a champ at one point, not sure if he still can however.
  7. I'd MarkyMark to see him back for one more match. He is in a hell of a lot better shape than some of the guys they keep bringing back.
  8. Yes! GUNN vs ZIGGLER!
  9. billy was an awesome wrestler.... pretty sure he was supposed to win a king of the ring and get a push one year but never happened :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. He looked pretty great.
  11. billy gunn is a KOTR winner... i won that pool!
  12. HHH would destroy billy gunn if his quads didn't explode
  13. Wonder who he would face if he had one more match. HHH Maybe? ?O
  14. They are impressed because he showed them his ass

  15. Pics or it didn't happen!
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