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  2. God damn! Arda Ocal at it again.
    Should go meet him at TheScore in downtown and tell him how much I appreciate his work.
  3. He shouldn't be too hard to find.
  4. That is true. I can walk in and demand him to get his ass out. :pity1:
  5. I thought Rybak was undefeated. :pipebomb:
  6. :nope: I know he lost to Punk at HIAC and The Shield at TLC, Im not sure if those were his only loses, but those are the ones I remember. He hasn't had a clean loss however.
  7. Very nice compilation of informations there, good read.
  8. Lol the guy with the most wins is less over than the guy with the most losses. Sheamus, you suck.
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  9. How in the Hell is Dolph on the top of top loss list? :shock:

  10. High profile heel that's how.
  11. It's still not right, HHH was one of the best Heels ever, and I can rarely remember him losing in 2003...

    He can still win dirty instead of losing almost every match, his loss to Jericho at SS was unnecessary, his loss to Orton at NOC was unnecessary.
  12. Not surprised at all to see Ziggler there, he was used to make others look good throughout nearly the entire year, lol.
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