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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Austin 3:16, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Will WWE get better next year or worse?

    We all know, that the Ratings are very bad at the moment and it's, because the writers can't come up with good stuff anymore.

    This Ryback storyline is one of the reasons why I don't tune in very often like I used to. We wanted change, but the WWE misunderstood us like always.
  2. Yes. Linda losing her campaign has opened up more opportunities. With the invasion angle, Punk's 1 year reign and Ziggler getting a mini-push WWE is already improving, in my opinion anyway. Next year it can only get better anyway.
  3. I sure hope, that it does or otherwise I won't be watching.
  4. Yeah considering it's current situation things can only get better .Hopefully :upset:
  5. And Stone Cold is able to wrestle one more match sometime in the future is great news :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. 2013 will be big years for Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Rollins, Ascension (probably), Punk, Miz, the youth and future of WWE. I honestly think it will be great.
  7. Let's see how 2013 turns out, I'm not sure.
  8. 2013 will be Daniel Bryan's year :yes:
  9. I really, really, hope they improve. Because at this point in the product, I really can't bother to go out of my way to watch most of it (since I don't have any access to TV's at College) and just instead skim over the results of the week and watch a clip or two of something if it piques my interest, which rarely happens (the heart attack segment is like the only example I can think of). They have the Road To WrestleMania season to regain my interest, and I'm hoping for the best.
  10. Yes it will get better. They seem to be aware if the young talent they have an starting to push towards using them more an building them up.

    Plus if u watch NXT that gives me so much hope as there is so much good stuff goin on on that program specially with HHH pulling the strings.
  11. 2012 Was better during the Road to WrestleMania season but hopefully WWE 2013 is great all year they have a good start with THE ROCK facing for the WWE Championship good idea they will be getting ratings with that, Austin can Wrestle 1 more match great news and great rumors ive been hearing about WWE 2013.
  12. I've watched NXT and I have to say, that It has become so much better since they completely changed the style of the program. Bringing in more talented young wrestlers is part of the solution to make WWE better than it is already, but the WWE Writers have to improve their storyline writing skills and they have to think outside of the box as well.


    I agree.
  13. What @[Austin 3:16] says is correct but watching NXT u feel that the wrestlers get some input into there characters which is a big positive.
  14. Oops! I left that part out, Thanks :emoji_slight_smile: I agree
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