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    Who on the current roster do you think could throw hands? Not MMA rules, not boxing, just straight up fighting. Also lets not include Brock Lesnar, cuz thats too obvious.

    A lot of the guys on the main roster don't look like dudes who are down to fight. I've read that Barret was a bare knuckle boxer in Europe so he's probably a safe bet. Del Rio looks like he could scrap, plus he acts like a dick all of the time lol. Kofi seems like a really nice guy, but he's very quick and coordinated so he could probably put in work. Sheamus and Titus are both big ass dudes who could probably lay someone out pretty quick and take some damage.

    So given everyones history, physique, and ability who would you put money on in a real fight?

    Bonus Question...

    Do you think Vince McMahon could kick Dana Whites ass?
  2. Vince > Dana

    Kevin Owens is fat but he seems like the type of dude that would fight to the death lol. Can't really think of too many other dudes atm.
  3. Del Rio has a legitimate pro MMA background and was going to wrestle for Mexico in the olympics or something like that.
    Swagger has the best amateur background on the main roster not named Brock Lesnar.
    Slater is a golden gloves boxer.
    Ziggler has an amateur background.
    Rusev is trained in mui thai and sumo.
    Gable was on the US olympic team
    Jason Jordan also has a top amateur background.

    X-Pac was supposed to be a legit bad ass back in the 90s stemming from his martial arts/street fighting background and working as a bouncer. He apparently saved Davey Boy and Shawn from the marines that one time.
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  4. Ambrose won't hesitate to stab somebody with a fork, so he's my bet.
    Harper could wreck some shop as well.
  5. On top of the ones already mentioned, Kane in his prime could surely fuck some people up. Brock said back in the day that he was the strongest person he was ever in the ring with, and supposedly some MMA fighter talked shit to him in a bar somewhere between 2008-2010 and got tossed around for it. JBL is supposed to be a bad motherfucker as well.

    Big Show's enormous size and strength would certainly make him a favorite in most fights, etc.
  6. JBL is a bit of an oddity. He talks a big game and has all the strength and such on his side. But he apparently backs off really fast if someone fights back.

    Would I trust JBL to fight with me? Yeah. Would I trust him to fight alone, nope.
  7. I know you said current roster but the best people have already been mentioned. In the past, I would think Bad News Brown. He was an Olympic Bronze medalist in Judo and the story goes that he's the one guy who made Andre the Giant back down. I wouldn't have wanted to fight him.
  8. Another couple old timers I'd want on my side. Harley Race and Haku
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  9. Dana would destroy Vince lol.

    Vince has 25 years on the guy ffs.

    And anyone with actual combat sport experience would do well on today's roster. ADR is a good greco roman wrestler w/ MMA experience. Swagger/Ziggler were pretty high caliber D1 wrestlers that would fuck up most guys with grappling. Big Show would do well considering his movements for a man that size and if he got a hold of you it is probably good game. ADR may be able to chop him down with leg kicks tbh. I honestly wouldn't put it past Reigns to fuck someone up. Football player, great athlete, Samoan blood.

    oh and Wade Barrett wasn't actually a boxer unless someone can find a decent source for that.
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  10. Came in to specifically say Dana would FUCK up Vince.

    Everyone who is legit badass has been stated already.
  11. Dana fucking White is 100% pure Irish-American from the streets of Boston badass. All those mother fuckers grow up boxing. He has good hands. I think Dana knocks out prime Vince, let alone 70 year old Vince.
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  12. I somehow would not count out Vince. He's batshit enough to just not stay down.

    Another set of old timers I'd have with me in their prime. The Funks
  13. Funks are never say die from what I've seen. Vince vs Dana honestly no. Joe Rogan would Knock vince TFO let alone Dana.
  14. Rogan was a taekwando blackbelt at age 15. He could probably knock most people out
    If we use the stereotype of all Irish Americans boxing then Vince did that to. So him and Dana are even.
  15. Sure, that's fair. Dana also has the best trainers in the world in his MMA facilities on a daily basis and trains with people. Vince is a billionaire who can afford it, but does he pick the right trainers? From what i've seen he roided the fuck out hard in 2000 and has maintained via trainers and diet. Doesn't make him a badass. Rogan would kill him, and Dana would fuck him up IMO.
  16. Claiming Vince doesn't have access to top notch trainers is asinine. If Vince wanted to learn BJJ Recklon Gracie would be at his house within a day. He has the connections for it.

    Granted I see Vince as more of an Irish scrapper who learnt to fight on the streets of the trailer park he grew up in.
    Plus he grew up in the wacky old days of wrestling. No way he didn't pick up a few things from the men back then
  17. I wasn't claiming he doesn't have access to good trainers to give him exclusive help, I was stating it as Dana sees tons of trainers on a day to day basis with talent anytime he wants to compared to the E-tainers who do what vince wants.

    I won't argue what they could do, but 25 years older Vince has no chance vs Dana White currently or even them facing a decade ago in my book. It's just my unholy opinion, but Vince looks jaded as hell in his mugshot, especially compared to him jacked as shit in 2000. He is declining with age, it has happened and will happen to us all.

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  18. Dana's Méniérie's disease puts them just about even IMO. Since Dana can just collaps in vertigo at any given minute unless medicated
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