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  1. I've been thinking over that past few weeks or so and tonight (albeit after a few Drinks and finally watching Raw from Monday) I actually decided that I'd love to attend a WWE show in the UK but would like to know a few things first,

    Firstly, has anyone ever been to a UK show? if so whats it like? is it anything like the Raw/SD we see on TV or totally different? for example treated like a house show? I've never seen any footage for a UK show so I'm not in the know in regards to how it is etc, but if it is a house show what;s the difference between that and Raw/SD we see on TV? Do the matches not effect story lines etc? or does it all tie in?

    Secondly, would anybody in the UK be interested in a meet-up at either Manchester for Sheffield?
  2. Ive been to see 3 shows in newcastle, 2 SD and 1 raw.
    As they werent filmed its all a bit of fun, eg in the raw night DX pulled ortons, dibiase and rhodes pants down in a match lol.

    But ive been thinking about going to birmingham to see a televised show later this year, which is the real deal like you watch on TV.
  3. I really want to go the the Birmingham one this year!
  4. Me too but its not cheap haha!
  5. They show UK shows live on TV too?
  6. Yeah only certain ones though but it will state this on ticketmaster or w.e you use. i will give my left ball to see a live show, Dark shows are good but its not the real thing.
    Birmingham and London i think are the live shows but they have dark shows all over country
  7. So if we was to attend a live show in the UK, what type of price would we be looking at for a ticket?
  8. Prices vary, the best spots are at least £50+
  9. I think it was about £17 a ticket for the higher up seats. Went to a TNA one and the ground seats were around £50, so I'm guessing WWE would be similar.
  10. That's not too bad I'd say, I paid about £75 for NFL so I probably wouldn't mind paying £50 actually, then again if I couldn't get a good seat I probably wouldn't bother.
  11. I found them at around that price, £20-£30 for the upper seats and ground for like £50-£70
  12. Cheers, I now just have to try and pursued the Mrs to want to go to it too, or at least allow me to go :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  13. Good luck with that!
  14. Shouldn't be too hard, I mean heck, she fell asleep after about an hour watching Raw :facepalm:
  15. I don't blame her lmao! Well, you can always go on your own though!
  16. that's one thing I could never do, the only thing I could ever go to on my own is Football, and that's normally if I have to, otherwise I just don't find it fun unless I have someone else with me.
  17. I guess that is true, I always find a movie more entertaining when other people are with me! Just give her some jewellery and I am sure she will come!
  18. Jewelery? Will a pearl necklace do?
  19. I don't know, the girls I know will do anything for jewellery so it was just an idea!
  20. Jewellery? she's just had a £500+ handbag, fuck getting her Jewellery too :haha:
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