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    JUNE 2015

    Tyson Kid - Neck Injury & Spinal Injury/Surgery
    Caused by a bad bump from Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster. May lead to him retiring.
    VIDEO (Injury Video)

    SEPTEMBER 2015
    Randy Orton - On-going Shoulder Issues
    Dislocated his shoulder while taking out the trash.
    VIDEO (Injury Video)

    NOVEMBER 2015

    Nikki Bella - Neck Surgery & Hip-Back Injury/Rehab
    Her finisher is believed to be the root cause of on-going neck issues and ultimately a painful neck injury. Doctors reports say she will no longer be able to be a full time Diva if she does return.
    VIDEO (Total Divas Footage)

    MARCH 2016
    Neville - Left Ankle Injury/Fracture
    Hurt while doing a baseball slide in a match against Jericho on RAW.
    No surgery needed, will return in 2-3 months as of March 15th.
    VIDEO (After Injury)

    Luke Harper - Knee Injury
    Luke went down hard grabbing his kneed during a dark match that took place after Raw 3/22 (possibly out for 5 to 6 months.)

    APRIL 2016
    Bray Wyatt - Right Calf Injury
    The injury came during Wyatt’s match on the first Live Event of WWE’s European tour in Milan, Italy.
    VIDEO (Footage of match)

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  2. Fill me in on the injuries above as well cause I can't remember what they are or when they happened exactly. lol
  3. Tyson Kidd also has a neck injury.
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  4. Big Show has a knee injury i think. I didn't know Bray Wyatt was injured.
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  5. yeah I just found out thanks to @Stopspot 's status update

    It is not verified by WWE yet I don't think
  6. Damn, Wyatt's injured, too? Guess he'll be better off not being at this year's Mania since he's pretty directionless.
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  7. "According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, a possible reason why the match change took place, and Wyatt never tagged in, is because WWE is saving Lesnar vs Wyatt for after WrestleMania 32."

    Hmm I am not sure what Stop read. I will remove him from the list till it is confirmed. Could be a rumor.
  8. Wyatt sitting out was a bit strange.
  9. That's what I read.
  10. Yeah I didn't see anything so I have it crossed off and tagged as a rumor for now.
  11. Sting is done. Guarantee he announces retirement at the HOF
  12. Another 2-3 months for Cesaro

  13. Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez
  14. @Neptune Cena did not get injured in October. He took October off to shoot a TV show. He got injured in December/early January.

    Also should probably add Neville to the list. According to Meltzer he has a broken ankle and shinbone following RAW
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  15. Yikes, especially given Neville's style that could be a nasty one long term.
  16. Yup. This could keep him back for quite a while if it is as Dave says
  17. That sucks about Neville. I thought his injury was kayfabe to get Jericho more over as a heel because it certainly looked like it. Jericho taking advantage while Neville was hurt, then him pushing the referee and getting disqualified. If its not a work then that was some master improvising done by Y2J
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