WWE interested in Aries?? Also Roderick Strong's scrub ass

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  1. source: wrestling news world

  2. Oh geez. Lets hope he's smart enough to take job security over money. WWEN may pay him better, but there's no way that thing lasts a year, clearly from the lack of planning it shouldn't have been started to begin with. It looks like he's going to be getting a big push in TNA, and lets hope he prefers career success in TNA than being stuck on Superstars every week.
  3. I don't personally see how people can slack off the network yet. If it was that bad of an idea they wouldn't do it. Also, personally, I'd prefer Aries in WWE. I know he's used better in TNA but he deserves as much fame and recognition he can get, he's that damn good. And until TNA become competition, then he can't do that.

    However I don't see why this cruiserweight show has to be off RAW and SmackDown that's stupid - why not just have a cruiserweight division again?
  4. Maybe bring back "The" Brian Kendrick as well. He is a goo worker
  5. He won't get any more fame though imo, he'll be at Justin Gabriels level at best.
  6. He'd surpass Justin easily in my opinion, and he will, Justin is probably more "famous" than Aries.
  7. How is Aries going to get any more famous by being stuck on some half ass cruiserweights only show that nobody will watch on the WWE Network?? It's a fail idea and I'll rage if it happens.
  8. Yeah I was sort of hoping it'd end up with him being on SmackDown or RAW which directly results in more fame. Even this shitty cruiserweight show will get higher ratings/viewers than TNA -.-.
  9. I doubt it, but you never know.
  10. Aries vs Bourne could be MOTY.
  11. Too bad Bourne's foot looks like a jack o lantern right now.
  12. Lol - will be fixed by the time Aries comes (if he does come, presuming this dirt sheet report has any truth behind it).
  13. Didn't they turn Aries down for TE because he was too small? Why sign him now?
  14. Because now he is relevant
  15. Because WWE hates me.
  16. Austin Aries is quite honestly. One of the best performers I have seen in a long long time
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