WWE Interested In College Wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Mar 13, 2013.

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  2. I think the only college wrestler in the roster right now is Swagger.
  3. Dolph Ziggler is another. Curt Hawkins wrestled in college and high school as well. Not to mention about five guys in NXT have college wrestling backgrounds.
  4. Tough competition with MMA for college wrestlers these days.
  5. And with wrestling out of the olympics. What does college wrestlers have to work towards other than either a career in mma or pro wrestling?
  6. Stemming from their wrestling probably not much unless they want to become a coach. They are also getting degrees so they could enter whatever field they majored in, though most probably just choose cake majors to easily stay eligible.
  7. Interesting, can be good if they pick the right people of course. Don't mind WWE going down this path of searching for talent if they want to.
  8. "My name is Brandon, I am a four time All American wrestler but I cannot go pro with my sport since the olympics cut it. I also have a bachelors in kitty litter engineering".
  9. I really think most college wrestlers (in particular the highly skilled ones) probably have quite a desire to try their hand in MMA. Considering in every MMA division currently I could name you at least 5 stars who started off as wrestlers, I don't blame them. Plus it goes hand in hand with their lifestyle as a wrestler with all the training, weight cutting, ect

    For *most* of those types of guys they look at MMA as the ultimate baddy mcbadass sport, and well, we all know the social stigmas that surround pro wrestling, especially these days.

    edit: And while both are bad for your health, you can't help but think of the laundry list of wrestlers who were dead before the age of 40 when considering which is the rougher working environment. IMO no pro athlete (and I do consider them pro athletes) have it as rough as professional wrestlers.
  10. True. Brisco recruting or scouting from college wrestlers is not a surprise. He and Ross are of that old school mentality that to make it as a wrestler you either need to be second generation (mainly Brisco) or done NCAA. Most wrestlers are nowadays probably looking at a career in MMA, it's logical with the rise of the sport.

    Also agree with your argument on rough work environment. Busted that argument out so many times when discussing this with my father and brothers (hockey nuts, saying that hockey players are the hardest working athletes).
  11. I would say amateur wrestlers, pro fighters and professional wrestlers have it tougher than any other athletes I could think of.
  12. No real off seasons (MMA fighters and boxers have the resting period between matches but almost all of that is used for training) and their line of athleticism is based around causing the body physical harm. Yup, much tougher than a hockey player.
  13. They could get some great guys for WWE there if history is any indication.
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