WWE interested in fixing tag-team division... again

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Sounds good.
  2. OMG meltzer, ignore this
  3. Fixing equals = Focusing on it until they find one or two hot tag acts to make up for the loss of Team Hell no so that Shield have some people to play with.
  4. As much as I love the Usos'... come on.
    These guys have been jobbers for a year... but now, they have facepaint! So therefore they're credible enough for a title shot. #wwelogic
  5. I like seeing the Usos get pushed. No idea why PTP is like this though, I suppose face teams need some wins and they're the only other team in the division, idk. I'm all for a good tag division, but I hardly doubt they'll get it right and keep it right. Let's see though, I could be wrong.
  6. >Usos show up on Raw
  7. Well there are plenty of other good tag teams on the indy scene but wwe don't want to do the hard work.
  8. Vince changes his mind more than Seabs changes his username. This is nothing.
  9. It's always nice to see that they're interested in fixing the tag-division, but when will they actually fix it?
  10. if it was up to me id bring back aw for the ptp they lost there spark when he went
  11. Alternative solution: Sign Prince Nana.
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  12. :yes:

  13. I can dig Nana but he isn't the perfect fit with the PTP like AW was. I agree with the guy that my interest in them really tapered off without AW.

    SO yea, sign Nana, but bring back AW as well.
  14. Who would you put Nana with?

    I honestly think PTP can get over on their own. Titus is charismatic and entertaining on the stick so as soon as they get a real program I think they can get some steam back.

  15. I like Titus but idk, they just aren't the same for me without AW. He feels like an old school heel hype man manager that I really enjoy. As for Nana, would it be too cliche to say Kofi? Good way to turn Kofi, plus he has time off, so he can return with him as a heel with Nana as his mouthpiece.
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