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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Oct 11, 2015.

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    I think he should stay far away from WWE. He's become a mega star on the international scale, and staying in Mexico and making independent appearances is the best way to keep that rolling.
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  2. I think this was already posted.
  3. Del rio is a great wrestler, but I can't stand his mic skills and I blame WWE for part of that. He literally repeats the same thing over and over... And there's no creativity.
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  4. Where?
  5. Oh never mind. The Carlito part was, not del rio.
  6. I mark for ADR tbh and I don't feel bad saying that. Face, heel, I want Del Rio back.
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  7. No, thank you. I love him where he's at right now. You'll be better off without WWE, Alberto.
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  8. Because he's one of the most popular wrestlers on the market today. He's the face of AAA, currently, and is the most-wanted independent star available. He holds the second most prestigious championship in Mexico, various independent world titles and had the of the most successful rookie years in WWE, and one of the most successful returns in AAA history.

    tl;dr - One of the most valuable star on the indies
  9. This.
  10. If WWE offers him more money, he should go back... Forget about being a megastar, it's all about the money and nobody pays like WWE.. If they want him, they'll offer him a big deal and likely sign him.

    Del Rio was useless in WWE though, that can change when he returns but for some reason he was never able to get over. Nobody gave a damn about Del Rio, he's known as one of the most boring stars they ever had.
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  11. He probably makes just as much if not more money with his AAA and various Independent Deals, with half the work-load.

    Besides that, people gave enough damns about him that he was able to get a major push for about 2 years straight.
  12. His "major pushes" we're always short lived though. His title reigns never lasted very long. I like del rio but he's not a huge deal to me.
  13. I'd like to think his major pushes were all in one. Considering he was never left out of the loop from 2011-2013.
  14. I figured him telling Wrestle Talk TV earlier this year that he would "never go back" to WWE after what transpired between them last year would turn out to be bullshit. Money talks, bullshit walks indeed.
  15. WWE all but shat on the dude. He shouldn't come back out of respect to himself.
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  16. If a deal that was mutually acceptable to both WWE and ADR/AEP could be worked out, I'd love to see him back in WWE...but only if they bring back RR, too.

    But you already knew that.


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    I doubt anything comes out of this. But you already knew that. :adr:
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