News WWE interested in Matt Morgan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. If he's signed, I'm sure he'll just be another monster to feed to Cena.
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    Sure,Khali needs a new tag partner.

    Seriously though,I don't want to see him in the WWE. At best he'd get a minor push then would get used less and less until he's relegated to Superstars. He oughta go off to Japan to hone his craft before trying to rejoin WWE.
  3. I'm not opposed to them bringing him in, but I wouldn't mark or anything.
  4. Why? Didn't he fail last time he was in WWE? Why bring him back for a second round?

  5. What terrible logic lol.
  6. Why won't anybody push this guy? He deserves it. He got treated like shit in his first WWE run and TNA really didn't do much better with him. Give him at least a mid card belt if you're able to pick him up. I will rage so hard if they feed him to Cena.
  7. i want him in. Dude deserves a push and TNA fucked it up. Go WWE.
  8. Trial and error logic, what's so terrible about it?
  9. If they do sign him, they'll make all this hype with, "He's a former WWE superstar who dominated the roster" and it will go over every new gen fan's head.
  10. DB failed his first time in WWE, does that mean they shouldn't have given him another chance after he gained more experience?
  11. Comparing DB to Matt Morgan is a whole other story though.

  12. His first run with WWE they gave him a stuttering gimmick and he was Carlito's body guard. You are really going to blame him for 'failing'? Guys improve and circumstances change.

    If you just think he sucks or don't see a place for him on the current roster, that's fine. But I don't see the point in your apparent one strike you're out policy.
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  13. sure why not.
  14. I thought WWE was better than this at signing ex TNA talent
  15. shut. the. fuck. up.
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  16. It shouldn't matter what gimmick they give him, if you're good you'll make the best out of the gimmick and own it. I acknowledge that he has improved in TNA, but TNA is a different landscape than the WWE. I don't think I can think of one person, who's been released from WWE because of being lackluster and came back to be a bigger success.

    By the way Bully Ray had a stuttering gimmick at one point in WWE, but made up for it with incredible matches.
  17. Because result can differ depending on method and set up? Morgan now compared to then is an overall much more polished performer on all accounts. With the right set up he could work very well in today's WWE.

    Preferably I'd like to see him go do one tour in Japan before heading to the WWE. Give WWE some time to figure out a set up and story for him and let him polish his ring skills some more. A two month tour with a Japanese promotion and then heading into WWE to be a monster on Smackdown would be great.
  18. The only thing I remember about him from WWE other than the poor stuttering gimmick is him coming out to generic theme music at the 2004 Royal Rumble and squashing a few people and then later becoming Carlito's personal bodyguard and F-5ing the Big Show at Judgment Day 2005 to help Carlito win. The F-5 to Big Show was funny, because there were rumors back then that since the PPV was in Brock Lesnar's hometown that Lesnar would be making a comeback since he had been in talks with WWE at that time about making a possible return. No deal ended up happening of course, and the closest we got to it was someone else doing the F-5, which was WWE's jab at Lesnar, I guess.

    I haven't see any of Morgan's TNA work but a certain number of TNA fans tell me based on it that he's one of the best big men working today. I see no reason not to bring him in.
  19. He'll team with Lesnar...
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